A Change In Plans – ending – (Free Christian Script)

A Change In Plans – ending – (Free Christian Script)

DAD: I know. He sounded real disappointed on the phone. I think we need to try to be an encouragement to him when he comes home tonight.

MOM: Oh… we’ll all bawl like babies and you know it!

DAD: Well, I think we should try to avoid that. We are just thinking about ourselves. We are thinking how this will effect OUR Christmas. We need to think about him. Christmas will go on. Everything will still happen…it will just be a little different without Danny here.

DENESE: It will be A LOT different.

DAD: It will be a lot different for him. We will still have Christmas with the family. We will still have all the food and all the fun and the family here. You will still be in the play and you will do a great job. Danny will be in Iraq. It won’t be at all like the kind of Christmas we will be having.

MOM: You put it like that, and I really will bawl like a baby.

DAD: Remember the Sunday School lesson last Sunday? How God is in control and He causes all things to work together for good? We have to trust God that He knows what He is doing and He will take good care of Danny. You know that old saying, “God works in mysterious ways…”

DENESE: It will be hard to see how any of this is good. Even though I know what you say is true. I know that God is in control. It’s still hard.

DAD: It is. But because of this happening, we need to draw even closer to God and trust in Him more deeply than ever before.

MOM: Oh! The testimonies! We can’t still do that!

DAD: Well, maybe by then, we will have something to say.

DENESE: You always know what to say, Daddy. I’ll try to say something, but I might need you to be standing next to me holding my hand. (He smiles and puts his arm around her/or both of them.)


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