Abigail and Martha – Part 1 – Free Christian Script

Abigail and Martha – Part 1 – Free Christian Script


Written by Warren Sager

(As the scene begins, two women enter dressed in colonial dresses. One is Abigail Adams and the other her friend, Martha Washington.  They sit and Abigail reaches for the tea and pours more in Martha’s cup.)

ABIGAIL:  How do you take your tea, Mrs. Washington?

MARTHA:  That is fine, just the way it is…and please…call me Martha…and I will call you Abigail.  I see no need to stand on ceremony.  We are becoming friends, are we not?

ABIGAIL:  It seems only right for us to spend some time together since our husbands are both working for the improvement of our situation here in this land.

MARTHA:  I dare say Mr. Adams has his hands full with that Continental Congress.

ABIGAIL:  He seems to spend hours and hours talking with those men, and I wonder just how much progress is really being made!  In the meantime, General Washington is out there fighting and risking his life daily.

MARTHA:  A position that he feels far more fitted to, I will say.  George is a man of few words and would not fit well in that group of learned men.

ABIGAIL:  An education is not always a prerequisite for greatness.  Your husband is a great leader and I would say a popular one with the people.  You appear to me as a very dutiful wife and one of those unassuming characters which create love and esteem.

MARTHA:  My!  What gracious words!  I do not live up to them.

ABIGAIL:  We have much in common my dear.  Our husbands are away from us for very long periods of time.  I find letter writing as a major function of my existence during this time.

MARTHA:  And have you heard from Mr. Adams of late?

ABIGAIL:  I am so glad that you are here today, because the most recent letter that came describes events that sound to be momentous and breathtaking… changing the course of history.

MARTHA:  Oh!  All of that talk has finally led to a good decision I hope!


(To be continued….)

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