Christian Christmas plays and scripts

Christian Christmas plays and scripts

It is time to be working on your Christmas production!  If you have not selected a Christian Christmas play yet and you would like to do a drama this year, perhaps there is something here at Scripts By Warren that will be just perfect for you.  Our church dramas have a broad range of topics and cast sizes.  Here are some popular suggestions for you: 

The Best Christmas Present is a newer script about a family that thinks that they are having a quiet Christmas at home with Grandma when Uncle Howard shows up. Nothing is serious with him and he soon discovers that teenage, Bethany is a believer and attends church alone, because her parents have stopped going years ago. Howard quickly takes Bethany’s side and they discover a present under the tree that nobody remembers. It gets opened and hearts begin to move toward the decision that is the best Christmas present ever for Bethany.

A Family Blessing is a large cast production that features some musical numbers and all ages.  You are on your own with the music and the story is about a family with secrets meeting for the holiday (Thanksgiving or Christmas).  The butler and maid bring some humorous moments to make it more fun, as well.

Christmas at the Murphy’s is another family drama that actually has more comedy than drama in it.  Wise cracking teens, sleepy grandpa, and the crazy old woman next door… add to the chaos of the day.  But Grandma wants her say and shares the simple gospel message.

Finding Peace is a serious drama about a marriage that is crumbling and the need for salvation as well as healing of the relationship.  It is a small cast as the Christian couple find themselves intertwined in the lives of this other family in need.

Fixing Christmas  Can you put the front end of a car on the stage?  This play takes place in the garage as our mechanic lead is working on a car for his friend’s daughter.  Kids began hanging out in the garage (set up like a man cave) and the men try to talk to them about God and what being a Christian is all about.  The surprising twist is that the adult friend is the one who feels the drawing of the Spirit.

Life, Death and Two Strips of Bacon is a tragicomedy with funny waitresses at a diner who like to play jokes on their customers, when the sheriff shows up with tragic news.  The cook is moved by the news so much that he is in despair about life.  The sheriff shares with him and his life is changed.

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