More Christian Christmas plays and scripts

More Christian Christmas plays and scripts

It is time to be working on your Christmas production!  If you have not selected a Christian Christmas play yet and you would like to do a drama this year, perhaps there is something here at Scripts By Warren that will be just perfect for you.  Our church dramas have a broad range of topics and cast sizes.  Here are some popular suggestions for you:

Merry Christmas, Gran : This Christmas Play should be easy to do.  Only 8 adult actors.  (5 females, 3 males)  About 30-35 mins.  A somewhat sad story as the grandmother passes away and we see how her granddaughter handles it.  Works well with songs added.  There is a scene where the Grandmother suffers a stroke.

The Battle of the Christmas Cupcakes: Make it, Bake it or Fake it : Four ladies from church have gathered for the Christmas Cupcake Bake-Off. Mack gives them the instructions as the four ladies prepare to compete for who can bake the best tasting and best decorated cupcakes. There is a lot of humor and a little gossiping as well as some pranks played on each other as the story plays out.

One Shining Moment : “One Shining Moment” is a powerful and emotional story of hope and reconciliation for one family. Julie (adult) is the daughter who left home and made some choices in her life that has now separated her from her family. Her younger brother, Josh (18-22) is determined to bring the family back together and break down those walls that have caused much grief. As the whole family gathers for a Christmas party, Josh tries his best to be a peacemaker. What will it take to get the members of this family moving toward reconciliation with each other and with God?  You find out with a shocking end to scene one.

Once Upon A Tree : Are you looking for a Christmas extravaganza? This Christian play has it all…toys that come to life, a kind old toy store owner, a villain who is trying to ruin Christmas (and the whole town forever) and a mystery. Merryton is a special town and they love to celebrate Christmas. The problem this year is that someone stole the star from the top of the town Christmas tree. The mayor hires a private detective and the mystery begins.  Great for adding music and turning it into a musical.

Second Chances : This is a 30 min youth drama that can be easily turned into a musical. There are obvious places for songs that are mentioned throughout the script. You would need to come up with your own songs. This story is about a small group of young people who are going on Christmas break and decide to go shopping together at the mall. (You can add a fun shopping video) On the way home, there is a car crash and one boy is left in critical condition.  Great for teens or college age.

This Is The Day! : Here is a Christian Christmas play that is full of humor and fantasy!  A man is for some reason stuck on Christmas Eve, and destined to repeat it over and over.  Andy has come home to the farm for Christmas for the first time in five years. His sweet Christian mother is concerned about him being backslidden. He went off to college, got a high paying job and stayed in the big city, and was ashamed of his roots on the farm. He changed his name and didn’t even make it to his father’s funeral.  Now that he is home, he can’t seem to make it to Christmas Day.

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