A Chance To Say Good-bye



This is a short, 5-6 minute skit about dying. An elderly woman is in her hospital bed and her husband comes to visit. She knows she is about to die and they talk about the family and about her going on to heaven ahead of him. She dies at the end.


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Two actors. (male and female) Free script

Entire script:


Written By Warren Sager


(Alice is lying in a hospital bed, dying and her husband Henry enters)

HENRY: Hi pumpkin. How we feeling?

ALICE: Very weak, dear. I just can’t seem to get my strength back. I believe this thing has taken toll of my body.

HENRY: (He sits in a chair next to her bed… in such a way that both of them can be seen clearly by the audience. He takes her hand) The doctor says that we will just let you rest now and not do any more drugs. Unless you are in pain. They will give you something for the pain.

ALICE: I don’t want anything. Just water. The drugs make me groggy. I want to be able to think clearly and spend some time with you. Are the children coming?

HENRY: I called them. They will get here as soon as they can.

ALICE: I suppose they are working and the kids are in school.

HENRY: Sam said that he was going to go and take the kids out of school, and pick up Sharon at work, and they would come on over. Bill and Karen are at the hotel. I think they will be coming shortly. Karen was really tired after being here so long last night.

ALICE: Why don’t they stay at our house? They spend too much money.

HENRY: Don’t worry about that. We have a pretty packed house right now. I called Shellie and she was doing laundry and cleaning the dishes. Annie was helping her.

ALICE: She doesn’t have to do that.

HENRY: I told her. Well, a lot of good that does.

ALICE: Is Annie home from college?

HENRY: Don’t you remember? She was here to see you last night.

ALICE: Oh, I guess so. Things are kind of fuzzy.

HENRY: Annie said she would go and pick up your sister, Margaret, and bring her over.

ALICE: Sounds like the whole clan will be here. I suppose the hospital won’t let them all in the room at the same time.

HENRY: We’ll work out something. I think it will be allowed.

ALICE: A dying woman’s wish, huh?

HENRY: Something like that. Are you having a lot of pain?

ALICE: No. Not so much. The Lord is blessing me today. I’m just glad you are here.

HENRY: I’ve hardly left your side.

ALICE: You’re so good to me. You look tired. Do you feel okay?

HENRY: Well, under the circumstances.

ALICE: This is it, Henry. That’s what the doctor said, isn’t it?

HENRY: Well, they don’t really know. Only God knows. They don’t think you have much longer.

ALICE: I believe it will be very soon, Henry. The children may not make it. But I am so glad that you are here. It gives me a chance to say good bye.

HENRY: I don’t want to say good bye.

ALICE: Then we won’t. But when I go to sleep, I won’t wake up again.

HENRY: You will wake up in heaven. I wish I could go with you. It would be very exciting for us to see heaven together.

ALICE: God has decided in His great wisdom, to take me there first. I guess my work on earth is done. You have more to do.

HENRY: It will be hard to do it without you by my side. But you will never be far away.

ALICE: I guess I will have my own place up there.

HENRY: Better than any place you could ever imagine here.

ALICE: I know that there are no marriages in heaven, but if I can work something out, I am going to see if they will reserve the mansion next door for you.

HENRY: I bet you will. It would be great to spend all of eternity living next door to you.

ALICE: Do you think we will know that we were married down here?

HENRY: You should have asked that question sooner, so I could try to find out for you.

ALICE: Oh, nobody knows anyway. I need some water, dear.

HENRY: (He gives her some water to drink… a glass with a straw… she sips just a bit) Is that better?

ALICE: Yes. Was it good Henry?

HENRY: Was what good, dear?

ALICE: Did I get it all done well?

HENRY: What are you talking about?

ALICE: My work. My work for Christ. Was it good?

HENRY: I’m sure it was very good. You were so faithful. I am sure that very soon you will hear the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” You were always such an example to me over the years.

ALICE: I just wanted to please Him.

HENRY: I know.

ALICE: I want to visit longer, but I am just so tired. I think I need to rest.

HENRY: That’s fine, dear. You rest now. I will be here.

ALICE: I know. You are always there. (She closes her eyes. He looks at her and then notices that her hand has gone limp in his.)

HENRY: Alice? (He drops his head into her hand and weeps.)