A Couple On A Train


This is skit about marriage relationships. A couple are on a train and begin discussing what they are going to do once they get to the resort. They quickly find out that they have not discussed it and they want to do totally different things on this vacation. A bit humorous and you may find it true to life as they talk about their differences.



Praying and reading God’s word is brought into the scene as they close.

A couple. Only about 7-8 minutes.


(A man and wife are sitting on a train, he near the window and she
near the aisle, with her head buried in a good book.)

HE: I’m getting so sleepy! I think the motion of the train is
really relaxing me.

SHE: Yes… it is really nice. (She is still reading) Go ahead and
take a nap.

HE: But I don’t want to take a nap. I want to enjoy the scenery.

SHE: Then maybe you should go and get a cup of coffee. I’m sure
they serve that in the dining car.

HE: I guess that’s a good idea. This is just so beautiful! Look
at all this! I’m so glad that we decided to take the train. When
you drive, you just don’t get the chance to really look around and
enjoy all the beauty. And when you fly, you don’t see it at all.
This was a really nice choice, don’t you agree?
Great scenery.

SHE: (Mumbling a yes without looking up from her book.) Mmmhmmm.

HE: Like you can really tell, you never look up from that book!

SHE: (She looks up and looks out the window and then looks at
him.) I have noticed it, and it looks the same as it did the last
time I looked at it. You enjoy our trip your way, and I’ll enjoy
it mine.

HE: Your loss.

SHE: Your opinion.

HE: (After a pause, he picks up a tour book that he brought along)
I was checking out the area where we will be staying and there are a
lot of neat things to see. I figured we could rent a car and go
check some of them out.

SHE: Rent a car? Why do we need to rent a car? The train pulls
right up to the resort. We can walk to it. I don’t see the need
to rent a car.

HE: I don’t think we can get to any of these places without renting
a car.

SHE: I hope you’re not planning to run around a lot. I just want
to spend a quiet week at the resort. They have everything we need.
I just want to relax and do nothing.

HE: You mean you’re just going to lie around and read books the
whole time?

SHE: What’s wrong with that?

HE: What am I supposed to do while you are doing that?

SHE: You could read books, too.

HE: I didn’t bring any books. I didn’t come here to read books.

SHE: You could read one of mine.

HE: Christian romance novels? I don’t think so.

SHE: What’s that book you’ve been reading?

HE: This? This is a tour guide. (Sarcastic) Oh, that would be
great! I could lie around all week and read about all the neat
things I could be doing if only you would be willing to let me rent
a car and get out there.

SHE: If you want to rent a car, then rent a car!

HE: So, would you be willing to go with me to see the sights?

SHE: I thought this was a vacation?

HE: It is.

SHE: Now you want to do a bunch of stuff. You are so restless.
Can’t you just relax and do nothing? You work so hard at your job,
you need to relax. That is why we did this, so we could get away
and be away from the job, the house, the kids….

HE: What’s wrong with having a little fun and seeing stuff that’s
all around us?

SHE: It is tiring. I just want to relax, not run around all day
and get worn out.

HE: I find that kind of stuff relaxing and enjoyable. You can read
a book at home!

SHE: But I don’t get the chance because there is always something
that I have to do. I don’t want to have to do anything on this

HE: Then I’m going to end up watching TV all the time.

SHE: I think they have a gym there.

HE: Okay… (Sarcastic) I can go and work out all day! That will be
real relaxing!

SHE: If you want to rent a car and drive all over the place, then
go ahead. I just don’t want to do that.

HE: Oh boy! That will be a ton of fun all by myself!

SHE: What is your problem?

HE: I want us to spend time together… and it sounds like you just
want to be by yourself.

SHE: I never said that. Okay… what was it you wanted to see?

HE: Never mind. I can tell you are not into it.

SHE: No, it’s not right that you don’t at least get a chance to
me what you wanted to do. I’m willing to listen.

HE: Really? You actually want to hear about it?

SHE: Yes, go ahead. I’m listening. I’m just not making any

HE: Well, one thing is: there is this old man’s face in the

SHE: Old man’s face?

HE: It’s just a rock, but it looks like an old man’s face. We could
drive up to see that…

SHE: How far away is it?

HE: Not far. It just takes awhile to get up the mountain road.

SHE: Not one of those windy roads! You know how I hate to drive on
windy mountain roads. It makes me nauseous. Then there is the high
elevation. I get headaches if it gets too high. Plus, those
mountain roads are so desolate, I get nervous that we’re going to
break down and no one would come along for a long time.


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