A Good Good Friday



In this pre-EASTER skit, on a Good Friday, a group of young people from a public school are heading on a field trip to the museum. They board a subway train and find a few younger kids in their car. Those kids are heading to a play about the crucifixion of Jesus.


A discussion begins about what Good Friday is all about and the real meaning of Easter. Two of the kids begin a strong witness as they share the gospel, and one boy in particular shows a great interest.

13 speaking parts (mostly teen and some younger) 6 male and 7 female (can be adjusted) About 15-16 minutes.

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Mostly teen and a few younger.

VICTOR: A very strong Christian and bold in his witness

STACY: Also a strong Christian. She backs up Victor in his sharing.

BRAD: The class clown, loud, brash, a bit of a bully, but underneath he is searching for truth and very interested in what Victor is saying.

JENNY: Claims to be a Christian, but not sure of her beliefs. She is bossy and protective and doesn’t always know what she is talking about.

SUE: The popular girl, a bit of a flirt, and quite mean.

JIM: The popular boy, a jock and a tease, and hates religious conversations.

HEATHER: A younger girl from the Christian school.

MOLLIE: A typical teen age girl

SARA: The teacher’s pet

CYNTHIA: Very shy and reserved

JERRY: A typical teen age boy

NICK: A younger boy from the Christian school

MIKE: A typical teen age boy (very small part)

EXTRAS: No lines.


(The scene opens with what looks like a subway car. There are some younger students already seated when the imaginary door opens and a whole bunch of older students pile into the car. They quickly go and find some seats. Some of the seats could be faced toward the audience and some facing left and right… but make sure that everyone can be seen by the audience. Put kids together so that no one turns their back to the audience to talk to someone else. Place smaller actors downstage and larger ones upstage.)

BRAD: Hey! I got a question…if you don’t mind me butting in on your
theological discussion…

VICTOR: Not at all.

BRAD: Today is Good Friday, right?

JIM: (Laughing) Hey, Brad? When did you figure that one out?

JENNY: That was a brilliant question!

BRAD: Very funny! That wasn’t my question!

STACY: What is your question, Brad?

BRAD: Just this….today is called Good Friday. This is the day that
Jesus died, right?

SEVERAL: That’s right.

BRAD: Okay. What’s so good about it?


BRAD: What’s so good about it? A man died. The leader of an entire
religion! Everyone loved him! He died! That’s not a good thing!
So, why do we call it Good Friday?

JENNY: What a stupid question!

BRAD: Do YOU know the answer?

JENNY: Uh…. well….

VICTOR: It is actually a very good question. I used to wonder the
same thing.

SUE: Yeah… me too.

MOLLIE: So, tell us!

VICTOR: Do you want to tell them, Stacy?

STACY: Go ahead…you’re on a roll.

VICTOR: The reason that I think the day is called “Good”, is because
when Christ died… He took all of our sins upon Himself, and He
died for us all. He died in our place. It was the greatest event in
all history. The Son of God dying on the cross for every person who
ever lived and who ever was going to live, and because of His
sacrifice, we are able to have everlasting life. And that my friends…
is not only good… it is the greatest thing!

BRAD: I never knew that. But it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

VICTOR: How so?

BRAD: Okay… well, I guess it is a historical fact that He was
crucified. But how do you know that stuff about Him dying in our
place and having everlasting life.

VICTOR: Because that is what He said He was doing. It is all in the
Bible. It was prophesied all throughout the Old Testament, and Jesus
tried to tell us what He was doing, and then His followers explained
it all really well afterwards, so that we could understand.

BRAD: So, because He died, we can all have everlasting life…that’s
what you are saying?

JENNY: That is the basis of all Christianity, you dope! Don’t you
know anything?

STACY: Victor said we CAN have everlasting life, but he didn’t say
that we necessarily DO!

JENNY: Of course we do. It simply means that we can all go to
heaven when we die. Jesus died for the whole world. We can all go
to heaven.

VICTOR: But not everyone will.

BRAD: Ah Hah!

JIM: Brad… you are so funny! What’s with you man?

BRAD: I’m just trying to learn something! We are still in school
here, aren’t we?

JIM: Actually, this sounds more like church than school. I think we
are breaking the law here.

STACY: Breaking what law?

JIM: Separation of Church and State.

VICTOR: That isn’t a law.


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