A Mother’s Heart

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In this MOTHER’S DAY skit, two sisters are trying to decide what to do for Mom on Mother’s Day. (could easily be 2 brothers) They toss ideas back and forth but nothing seems right. What they really want to do is something that is really on their mother’s heart.


One of them gets her prayer journal and begins reading her personal prayers, as the other one objects to this invasion of privacy. But when they hear what their mom prays for each of them… they quickly sober up to the truth that the best present would be for them to change some things about themselves.

(2 actors. Only about 8 minutes)



JANICE: I’ve run out of ideas. We have thought of taking her out to
dinner and of buying her flowers and buying her some special gift
and nothing seems right.

JESSICA: She’s going to like whatever it is that we do.

JANICE: I know. But don’t you think this time it has to be really

JESSICA: Why this time over any other year?

JANICE: I don’t know. I guess I always want to top what I did the
year before.

JESSICA: We could always take her on a trip to Hawaii.

JANICE: What??

JESSICA: Well, that would top anything we have ever done before.

JANICE: And it would cost a lot of money. I don’t think the more
money we spend will show that we love her more.

JESSICA: Mom is not that shallow to think about how much money we

JANICE: And I don’t think we should be so shallow to think that
buying her something nice is the best way to show how we feel about

JESSICA: We can tell her how we feel about her.

JANICE: Right. And that will mean more to her than all the gifts
in the world. It’s what we say that will be remembered for years to
come, not the gift we bought her.

JESSICA: Somehow I think she would remember a trip to Hawaii for a
few years.

JANICE: Are you taking this seriously?

JESSICA: About as seriously as that song you made up!

JANICE: Think Jessie! We’ve got to come up with something really

JESSICA: Well, it sounds like you are ruling out gifts.

JANICE: I’m not totally. We could get her something, but I just
think that won’t be the thing that would mean the most to her.

JESSICA: Okay, let’s start at square one. What would really make
Mom happy? Probably if we cleaned our rooms…

JANICE: That’s what I’m talking about…doing something.

JESSICA: Cleaning our rooms seems like nothing. We should clean
the whole house and do the laundry for a week.

JANICE: Those are great ideas, but that just doesn’t seem like

JESSICA: Plus, we don’t really want to do that. The perfect thing
is something that would not be a sacrifice of our own time and energy.

JANICE: That’s awful!

JESSICA: I know. But it’s honest. I said that to make a point.

JANICE: I’m willing to sacrifice something for Mom. We are supposed
to think about what she would like, not what we would like to do for

JESSICA: So…being honest, we should look at this whole thing from
her perspective.

JANICE: How do we know we have her perspective, we can’t read her

JESSICA: Yeah, I know, but if we could, what would she say?

JANICE: Oh, sweetie, you don’t have to do anything for me. It is
just a joy to have you for a daughter.

JESSICA: That’s what she would say to us, if we ask her. But what
if someone else asked her and she got totally honest, then what would
she say?

JANICE: So… now we have to get inside Mom’s head and figure out what
would really bless her on Mother’s day. Think. What is she praying

JESSICA: She is praying for a new car, but we can’t do that.
Besides, that is back at the gift thing.

JANICE: But you are on the right track! If we knew what she is
really praying for. You know… her deepest heart’s desire. She
writes them all down in her prayer journal. That way she keeps
track of when her prayers are answered.

JESSICA: You’re right. She does write down all her requests. But
how is that going to help us now?

JANICE: We go and find her prayer journal and read it and find out
what she is really praying for and see if we can do something to
really bless her for Mother’s Day.

JESSICA: Why does this sound like something that we should not do?
Isn’t that personal? I mean it’s like a diary isn’t it?

JANICE: It can’t be that personal. She leaves it lying around and
it doesn’t have a lock on it.

JESSICA: Yeah, but if we answer one of her prayer requests, aren’t
we playing God?

JANICE: God uses people to bring His answers. Maybe we could be
His instruments. I’ll go get it. I saw it on the table. (She
leaves and comes right back with the book)

JESSICA: I’m not having a good feeling about this. Janny, I just
don’t think we should do this. It’s an invasion of privacy!

JANICE: (enters already flipping through the journal) Most of this
looks like prayer requests that she gets at the ladies bible study.
Oh here’s one: I pray that Charles will get that raise that he
really deserves. He works so hard for it.

JESSICA: Well, we can’t do that one.

JANICE: Oh here’s where she was praying for me when I had that cold
a couple of weeks ago. What a sweetie. And there are a whole bunch
of requests for salvation and for people who are sick. She writes
the answers in the margins.

JESSICA: I don’t think you’re going to find anything in there that
we could do for a Mother’s Day present.

JANICE: Oh, here’s your name.

JESSICA: What does it say?

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    We had a Mother’s Day Brunch today at church. My sister & I presented A Mother’s Heart to all the ladies. It was a great play. Purchased it last minute and we only had to go thru the play a couple of times. It was funny and with the change of a couple of small things it was very easy to adapt to our own lives. The funny thing was it described one of us to a tee and we decided who was playing the part before we read it. Would definitely recommend it!

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