A Prodigal Christmas



This play is written by Bryan Archer of “The Agape Players”. It is one of the very few scripts on this site not written by Warren Sager.  Every scene takes place in the back room of the Franklin General Store in a small country town.




It’s almost Christmas and lawyer son, Jason, has returned home to settle his father’s estate. His brother Thomas is running the store and has worked there most of his life. Thomas has cancer and is not a Christian, and no one knows this, but Jason learns it eventually. The brothers find a mysterious letter from their father with a name of someone they don’t know. This stranger shows up and shares his testimony that has a big effect on both of their lives. Thomas gets saved and Jason decides to stay in Franklin. Other characters come in and out of the store to add some good humor and drama.

8 actors (5 males, 3 females) About 65-75 mins.


Thomas: (repeating it to himself – almost reflective) Why do I think she left? (almost in a “trance” – snaps back to reality) Huh. Hey, ya know, if we get into all of this then it just opens up another can of worms and I’m just not ready to talk about this stuff right now Jason.

Jason: Well when are you going to be ready? When the divorce is final? When you’re running this store all alone in a town that’s dying? Talk to me Tom.

Thomas: Why? Why start now? (getting upset) Don’t come in here and start getting all concerned because you have never shown one ounce of concern for me, this store, or this town.

Jason: I was never allowed. I was never given the chance to have any feelings for this store or this town.

Thomas: So did that give you the right to show no concern for me?

Jason: Tom you’re my brother. (really wanting to say, “I love you here) I care what happens to you. I’m concerned – talk to me.

Thomas: Look, I’m sorry. I know that you care. But who are you doing this for? Are you really concerned or are you just trying to appease some guilt that you’re carrying around?

Jason: What?!

(offstage bell)

Thomas: I’ve got a customer.

(Thomas exits)

Jason: I can’t believe this. I have just lost my father and you have the NERVE to question my sincerity. (phone has rang – Jason answers phone – irritated) – Yes? I mean, Franklin General Store (obviously not able to get a word in edgewise) no I … .but…..but…you…..(giving up) Uh-huh. Sure. Yes. Okay. Eleven will be fine. Sure, thanks.

(Jason sits – bewildered)

Thomas: Hey Jase – look, I really think it’s best – if we can maybe take care of things over the phone. I’m sure you have a busy life and –

Jason: That was Mercy Hospital.


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