An Old Box Of Cards


This is a short play that was written as a narration to a choir performance, but it can also be done as a short play by itself. The Widow Perkins is all alone and she talks to the audience quite a bit as a narrator. She also interacts with children and other actors as a little story unfolds about reaching out to others at Christmas time.


We are reminded how much even a little thing means to someone who is all alone. There are places in the script where musical numbers can be added. Without the songs it would only be about 30 mins.

4 adults (2 men, 2 women) and a few children and some children carollers. One set.. no scene changes.

This is a script that can be used with the choir making your own musical or cantata. I have made some musical suggestions in the script. The script could also be used as just a drama sketch without music. The Widow Perkins acts as a narrator of sorts and talks to the audience quite a bit throughout the sketch.


WIDOW PERKINS: Elderly woman… or someone young with old age make-up. Sweet disposition and a bit lonely.

HEATHER: A little girl from the church who was carolling with other children

MOTHER: Heather’s mother

FATHER: Heather’s father

CHARLIE: The Widow Perkins’ son.

EXTRAS: The children in the carolling choir and their director. Perhaps some younger brothers and/or sisters of Heather.

This can be an easy play to stage. We used one set, with just a rocking chair and a couch. A little table and lamp to make it look homey. You will need a box with cards in it and some photo albums. The carollers can be downstage, or offstage, or in front of the stage, you will have to work out your own blocking depending on your stage area. Doorways can be pantomimed. Mrs Perkins is on stage the whole time. Use your imagination and be creative.. also with costumes.. which can be anything modern day.

If you use a choir, the play will start with the first choral number.


Widow Perkins: Oh… good evening. I’m so glad you could stop by for
a visit. Things are rather quiet around here. I’m all alone.. just
me and my thoughts..and I have the radio and the television..and my
books and magazines. But most of the time.. its quiet. I have little
projects I work on. I do a little sewing..and some knitting. Some of
the ladies at my church are having babies…and it is fun to make them
something. Now that Christmas is almost here.. I like to get out some
of my special things to help me celebrate Christmas. Today, I found an
old box of Christmas Cards. There are some really good ones in here.
I’ll read some of them to you. (She pulls up a box and pulls out a few
cards.. reads some of them.. and it ties in to the next song: about
the name of Jesus). I like this one. There is so much to think about
at Christmas time. Most of those things will pass. To select one
thing to ponder upon.. The one thing that will last… the beautiful
name of Jesus.


Widow Perkins: When I was a little girl, Christmas was a time for
family to gather together. We always went to the church for the
Christmas program, and we always read the story of Jesus birth as we
sat around waiting to open the presents. These are such good traditions.
I will never forget them. Recent years have been quieter. We have all
moved so far away from each other. I try to keep up with all the
addresses of all my relatives so I can send them a card… but I don’t
hear from some of them..and I see them even less. So, it can get pretty
quiet around here. (she hears singing as the children’s choir begins
to sing a carol) Do I hear singing? Oh… carollers! (she goes to
the door and looks out at the children singing.)


Widow Perkins: Oh that was wonderful! Merry Christmas children!
Would you all like a cookie? Wait just a minute and I’ll get some
cookies for you. (she goes and gets a plate of cookies and passes it
around for the children to take a cookie.) Thank you so much for coming
to sing at my house! It means so much to me! You just made my Christmas!

children: thank you for the cookies, Mrs. Perkins!

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  1. Scripts By Warren

    Our church put on the play “An Old Box of Cards” this past Christmas and we had so many compliments! Some said it was the best play that we have done. Thanks so much!  God has blessed you with a great talent. Keep working for the Lord and as we know He will keep blessing.


Roxie Whitted, Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church, Miamisburg, Ohio

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