Andrew Remembers



This monologue is good for a communion service or for Memorial Day. Andrew, the disciple, tells about the night of the last supper.



Some of the information is about how he felt during certain events, about Peter, his brother, and how he acted, but mostly he brings out the meaning of the bread and the cup and what that ultimately meant. He stresses how important it is that we never forget what Christ did for us when he shed his blood for our sins.One actor alone on stage. Only 6-7 minutes.

Andrew: Remembering. It is a good thing to do, remembering those
who have gone on before us. Sometimes we remember people who have
done great and noble things. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.
You see, my name is Andrew, and I am known as ‘one of the twelve’.
Naturally the One who I remember is my Master, Jesus Christ. He
asked us to remember, but this is not something I would easily forget.
The night it all happened, we had gathered in an upper room to
celebrate the Passover. He tried to tell us what was about to happen,
but we did not understand. That night several very important things
took place. First, He washed all of our feet. I remember, my
brother, Simon Peter objected and Jesus said, “If I do not wash you,
you have no part with Me.” Then Peter said, “Not just my feet, but
my hands and my head.” (He chuckles) Dear Peter…the things he
would say and do!Then Jesus shocked us all by announcing that one of us would betray
Him. I could not imagine any one of us doing such a thing, but I
heard myself asking along with several others, (pause) “Is it I, Lord?”
(Pause to think and proceed slowly and with feeling) After being
with Him for three years, I wondered if I could possibly be capable
of turning against Him. Little did I know then that in just a very
few hours I would be running for my life and hiding when my Master
needed me the most.


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