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In this short and free INDEPENDENCE DAY skit, George Washington and 2 others visit Betsy to ask her to sew a flag for them. Betsy gives some suggestions that they like and quickly adapt. A very short sketch only about 3-4 minutes. This skit can also be found in the larger productions of “Thank God For America” and “God Bless Our Land.” It can be done as “Reader’s Theater”.


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4 actors (3 male and 1 female) Free Script

Entire Script:


Written by Warren Sager (done in Reader’s Theater style)

BETSY: Come in, Gentlemen. Mr. Washington… Mr. Morris… Uncle George.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Mrs. Ross, how is your upholstery business doing?

BETSY: Well, the Lord is good and He provides for all my needs. It is not a lucrative business, but I get by.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: We would hope that you would tell us or someone at Christ Church if you are ever in need. You know it is the church’s duty to watch over all widows.

BETSY: Thank you.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: I know it has been a few months now, but we again want to offer our condolences regarding your loss. So young to be a widow; how old are you Mrs. Ross?

BETSY: Just 25. Thank you for your kindness. With my shop and my church activities, I think I am doing well.

ROBERT MORRIS: Which brings us to our visit, Mrs. Ross, we have a little extra business for you. We are representatives from a secret committee of the Continental Congress that has been sent on a mission; a mission to find a seamstress.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: And naturally, with your late husband’s uncle George on the committee, and seeing you in church every Sunday in the very next pew box, you quickly came to mind.

GEORGE ROSS: Betsy, what George and Robert and I are trying to say is: we would like you to sew a flag for us.

BETSY: A flag?

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Yes… you did such a good job on my shirt ruffles that time… I believe you could do this for us and for our country. We believe we are very close to seeing this country gain its independence… and a flag… this very first flag will be an important symbol of our freedom.

BETSY: Do you have a design in mind…and colors?

ROBERT MORRIS: We have a design here from Francis Hopkinson. We really like this one.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: We have chosen the colors blue and red and white. I think that the blue represents the sky with stars in it and the red is for the British red coats… and the white stripes signify our secession from the home country.

GEORGE ROSS: But that is just George’s opinion… there is no official meaning. We do want 13 stripes to represent the 13 colonies.

BETSY: Yes, of course. And I see that you have 13 stars, as well.

GEORGE ROSS: What do you think, Betsy?

BETSY: Well, gentlemen, I am so honored to be asked, and though I have never sewn a flag before, I would be willing to give it a try. Might I make some suggestions on your design?

ROBERT MORRIS: Absolutely. Please do.

BETSY: Well… the stars have six points… I would recommend 5 points. A five point star looks better, I think. Let me show you… I will just cut a star from this material I have right here… as you can see it is very easy to do, it can be done in just one single snip.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Oh! That is impressive! Look at that beautiful star! 5 points it shall be! I know we have made the right choice here.

BETSY: Also, I believe that the flag should be probably one-third longer than its width. Let me draw it out… more like this… see?

ROBERT MORRIS: Indeed. That is better.

BETSY: And the stars just seem to be scattered around… I think putting them in a line or perhaps a circle would be better.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: If we used a circular pattern, then it would not in any way allow one colony to be viewed above another.

ROBERT MORRIS: I think the committee will be agreeable to those changes.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Let the 13 stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens!

BETSY: I will get to work on your flag right away, gentlemen. It should only take me a few days.

GEORGE ROSS: Betsy, we should mention that the committee wanted to select a few seamstresses to sew flags… with some different designs and then they will select the one that they like the best.

BETSY: I understand. There is no expectation on my part that you will choose mine.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: But from what I have seen already today, I am confident that this will be the one. Good day Mrs. Ross.

BETSY: Good day.



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