Can You See The Angels?



Need something quick and easy for CHRISTMAS? This is a Reader’s Theater script (that can also be done as a regular drama) that is about 20 minutes long and easy to do. Anthony joins the army and his mother is left praying for the angels to protect him. His best friend goes with him and dies, but not before getting saved and sharing with Anthony. Anthony gets saved and comes home to his mother and grandfather. You can add Christmas carols to make it more musical, or even like a cantata.


Four actors (3 male and 1 female) No costumes or set needed. 20 mins.


ANTHONY: A young rebellious son, bitter about his father leaving, who joins the army.

RAY: Tony’s best friend who joins the army with him and then gets saved.

MOM: Tony’s mother, who is trying to get through to her son, and prays for him a lot.

GRANDPA: Tony’s grandfather on his dad’s side. Gave Tony an angel ornament years ago.


ANTHONY: Mom! Mom!

MOM: I’m coming! Anthony! Where have you been? Your supper was
ready an hour ago! I don’t know why you can’t come home for
dinner… or at least let me know…

ANTHONY: Mom… I need to talk to you.

MOM: Why? What has happened?

ANTHONY: Now, Mom… don’t start already. Let me at least tell
you first.

MOM: Tell me… tell me what? What have you done?

ANTHONY: Why do you have to assume I have done something?

MOM: I’m sorry, Son. Please forgive me. I’m sure you haven’t
done anything. I just worry so.

ANTHONY: Worrying is a sin, Mom. That’s what you are always
telling me. Anyway…Mom…I gotta tell ya…actually I have done

MOM: Oh no.

ANTHONY: Now Mom…it’s not that bad.

MOM: Not how bad?? What is it? It’s something bad? What did
you do?

ANTHONY: I joined the army.

MOM: You what?!!

ANTHONY: Now, Mom. This is a good thing. You’ll see. I had
nothing else to do with my life. It is the perfect thing for
me. I get a free education, and I get to travel and see far
away places…

MOM: You’ll go and get yourself killed…that’s what!

ANTHONY: I knew you would say that.

MOM: What do you expect me to say? No mother wants her son to
join the army!

ANTHONY: I’ll be serving our country! I’ll come home in a
uniform and you’ll be so proud of me.

MOM: You’ll come home in a coffin! I’d rather have you alive.
Is there any way I can get you to change your mind?

ANTHONY: It’s already done.

MOM: You could have told me first. You should have said
something. I could have been praying about it.

ANTHONY: No, I couldn’t Mom. Anyway…I’ll be fine. Ray is
going with me. We signed up together.

MOM: He put you up to this didn’t he? I’m afraid he has not
been a good influence on you.

ANTHONY: Ray is my best friend! He is like a brother to me!
But you never liked him!

MOM: That’s not true.

ANTHONY: He was never good enough for you! You wanted me to
make friends with the kids in that church…but I couldn’t relate
to them! Since Dad split…Ray has been the only friend I’ve had.
Before him, my best friend was probably Grandpa. But we
don’t go see him anymore because of my deadbeat dad! Ray has
been there for me…and he didn’t put me up to it, we planned
this together.

MOM: (Getting emotional) I know your father hurt you, but you
need to forgive him. But more than that… you need the Lord.
If you die in battle, you’ll die without Jesus. You can’t go
into the army without the Lord!

ANTHONY: (Pause) I knew you would do this. Don’t start, Mom!
This is why I didn’t want to tell you before. What’s done is
done! Anyway…I wanted you to know. Ray and I are going to go
out and celebrate.

MOM: I’m sorry I said what I did about Ray. You’re right. He
has been a good friend. I would have rather that you had
Christian friends, but that didn’t work out.

ANTHONY: Forget about it, Mom. Don’t make a big deal about
this, okay? I’m going to be fine. I’ll be out for awhile.
Don’t wait up! (Walks away to show that he has left)

MOM: What about your dinner? Anthony? (Pause) Oh dear God!
What has he done? I blame his father for this! (Pause) Dear
Lord… please forgive me. I have failed so as a wife and a
mother. Please watch over my boy. Please don’t let him die
without knowing You. Please send a guardian angel to protect
him and bring him back safely to me. Please Lord… save his
soul! Be near Him Lord. Stay close by Him. Make Him ready
for heaven.

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  1. Scripts By Warren

    Excellent!!! This is wonderful – thank you for all your work – I was in tears at the end of the script! Please pray that the Lord uses it in a mighty way on Dec. 26th ! Thanks again –

    Michael Perham, Pastor of Vision Baptist Church, Goodyear, AZ

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