Christmas At Five Bucks


A short Christian Christmas play about sharing the real meaning of Christmas.  Four students enter a burger place and end up having a strong conversation about the gospel with the cafe owner.  6 actors (2 males, 4 females)  20-25 mins.


Written by Warren Sager


SHELLY: (Speaks 1125 words) A strong, young, Christian lady eating out with her friends at her favorite burger place.

BOB: (Speaks 1015 words) Shelly’s friend who claims to not believe in the true meaning of Christmas

CLIFF: (Speaks 990 words) The cafe owner and also a strong Christian

DANICA: (Speaks 250 words) Shelly’s friend, who is interested in Bob.

EMMA: (Speaks 145 words) Shelly’s friend.

ANITA: (Speaks 32 words) The waitress.


SCENE ONE: 4 teens (or college students) enter the restaurant. Cliff and Anita are busy, but they have a routine yell.. They do it together.


SHELLY That always scares me when they do that.

BOB Is everything in this place five dollars?

They take a seat.

SHELLY No, I think there were five guys who started it. Burgers and coffee.

DANICA I love this place! They play Christmas carols.

EMMA Which kind?

DANICA What do you mean? Christmas carols.

BOB You come here for the music and not the food?

DANICA The food is good, too. But the music gets me in the Christmas spirit.

EMMA But which kind of Christmas spirit?

DANICA What’s with the weird questions? What kind of carols, what kind of spirit?

EMMA I just think there are two kinds of Christmas carols.

SHELLY Or really only one kind… that are proper carols.

BOB Come on! A carol is a carol.

SHELLY Name some.

BOB Okay… Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, I’ll be home for Christmas, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

EMMA Nothing more than secular holiday music.

BOB The word Christmas was in two of the songs I mentioned! So that makes them Christmas carols.

SHELLY I think what Emma means is that to be a true Christmas carol, it has to be about the birth of Christ.

EMMA That’s right. Like Silent Night. O Come All Ye Faithful.

DANICA O Holy Night, Angels We Have Heard On High.

SHELLY The First Noel, Mary Did You Know.

BOB That’s ridiculous. They are all the same thing… you can mix them up. Besides, not everybody believes in Jesus and the whole baby in a manger thing.

SHELLY That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen… just because someone doesn’t believe in it. But Emma is right. A true Christmas carol should be about the birth of Christ.

BOB I guess we can agree to disagree. I think religious songs are fine.. But that’s not really what I want to listen to at Christmas. I want Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.

DANICA That’s called The Christmas Song.

BOB See? A Christmas song not about Christ.

DANICA What do you have against Jesus Christ?

BOB Nothing. He was a good man, but He does not deserve His own holiday.

DANICA He has two holidays! Christmas and Easter.

SHELLY I include Thanksgiving, because He is the One that I am thankful to. But I do disagree with you, Bob.

BOB I know you do.

SHELLY Jesus was not JUST a good man. He is the Son of God. That is what Christmas is all about. God sent His son, born of a virgin, and born to save the world from it’s sins.

BOB And how is a baby in the manger supposed to do that?

SHELLY He didn’t stay a baby.. Obviously.

BOB I know. I was just playing with you.

SHELLY He grew up and became this great teacher. He told us to repent. Then he died and rose again. He told us that all we have to do is believe in Him. To believe that He died for our sins and accept His gift of salvation.



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