Deborah Monologue



This is a five minute monologue about Deborah, the judge. She tells the story from a modern perspective, remembering her life as a judge during Bible Times.




DEBORAH: Women in the Bible had a certain role in life, for the most part. They were wives and mothers and they were known for how they raised their children. Women who are remembered are usually known for being the wife of a great man or the mother of a great man. In my case… the mold was broken. I lived a life that was very foreign to most women in my day. I was the only female judge in Israel during Bible times.  This was before the time of kings, when judges ruled the land of Israel. There were many judges and some of them accomplished great things and some were barely remembered at all. And they were all men… but me, I was the only woman. I was a wife and also a prophetess. I wasn’t the only female prophet, but it was a bit rare for a woman to be a prophetess. What being a prophetess meant was that I heard the Lord speak to me. That was probably what got me put into the leadership position. Normally, a woman would not be considered for the role of a judge of the people, but the fact that I heard the voice of God and shared these prophetic messages, made them take notice. Now you would think that they might still put my husband into that role and let me share the messages with him as he judged the people. That just wasn’t the case. He was a good man, but clearly, the people of Israel saw something in me. Being a prophetess helped me to know how to judge the people and they knew that my counsel was from the Lord, so it gave me a lot of credibility with my people. I used to sit under a palm tree and the people of Israel would come to me with their problems and questions and I would settle their disputes and tell them what they needed to do.  Most of the time, I was able to judge clearly just using common sense to solve their petty issues. When there were important matters that seemed difficult to solve, then I would go before the Lord and listen for His wisdom and direction.


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