Esther’s Secret



Looking for a bible story that is short and easy? This is a modern day version of Esther, so you won’t have to worry about bible costumes and interesting set pieces. In this sketch, SUSA is not the city, but a corporation. Ahasuerus (Xerxes) is not the king, but the C.E.O. named Mr. X. Esther is not a lady in the king’s harem, but one of the secretaries.


It is still the same story of a woman of faith who has to help her people. Mordecai is a jewish believer and Haman hates him and wants him and all the other Christians in the company fired. Being vice president, he has great influence over Mr. X. But he doesn’t know Esther’s secret, and she calls the Christians to prayer and fasting, and goes before Mr. X, (who has made her vice president, too, and is also falling in love with her) and the ending is nearly the same…X fires Haman (no execution), and Mordecai is promoted.

Can be a few (at least 7 plus extras) or as many actors as you like with lots of extras. (one female and 3 males for the major roles) Only 20 minutes.


ESTHER: Mordecai, I am so nervous.

MORDECAI: I know, my child. Don’t worry. God is with you. He has
everything all planned. You must trust Him.

ESTHER: I know. God’s grace is without end. He takes care of
everyone who puts their faith and trust in Him and I know He will
help me through this. I was perfectly happy as a secretary, but
now there is this promotion coming up to an executive position… and
I have a chance at it. If Mr.X chooses me…..

MORDECAI: I believe that is very likely. You are very talented,
Esther. You have a lot of good abilities, you are capable and
intelligent… and you are pretty.

ESTHER: I know that my looks should have nothing to do with it, but
the rumors around the office are to the contrary. Everyone thinks
this is a beauty contest… and that Mr. X is just looking for someone
to replace the girlfriend that got fired. Well, I am a Christian,
and I have standards.

MORDECAI: I know that dear. But let’s keep your Christianity a
secret for awhile longer. I think it best. The less they know
about you the better. Don’t ask me why.

ESTHER: If you think this is best, then I will obey and bravely go
forward for the interview. Perhaps God has a special plan for my
life here. Here comes Mr. Hegai, you’d better go. (he exits)

HEGAI: Young lady! Are you the next applicant?


HEGAI: What is your name, Miss?

ESTHER: Esther.

HEGAI: Well, Esther. You will do nicely. Yes! Very fine indeed.
Turn around. I do believe you are just about the loveliest
creature I have seen. (Esther is very uncomfortable with such
comments) Your portfolio is very impressive, also. We have been
watching you at work for quite some time; that is why you have been
selected for this opportunity. Be ready for your interview with
Mr. X tomorrow morning.

ESTHER: Thank you, Sir. (they both leave opposite directions.)

NARRATOR #2: The rumors that Esther had heard were pretty much true.
The totally male dominated executives were trying to cheer up Mr.
X by getting him to promote a lovely secretary to be close to him and
possibly become a replacement for the fired ex-fiancée. Esther
wanted the job for her abilities and not her looks, and she was very
smart, and would easily qualify. However, X was not only impressed
with her skills; he was also immediately smitten with her.

(Esther is in a room with several women… anywhere from 10-20 extras)

1ST SECRETARY: Tell us! Esther, did X like you?

ESTHER: I don’t know. I think so. He seemed pleased. Perhaps he
is like that with everyone.

1ST SECRETARY: I think it is so exciting! Other women have been
interviewed and nothing has happened. You have clearly sensed
something, I can tell…and he knows what he is looking for.

2ND SECRETARY: Yes… a gorgeous woman.

ESTHER: Stop that. We don’t know anthing.

2ND SECRETARY: We were told to gather here by Hegai.

ESTHER: He may just want to explain to us about our 401 K’s or

3RD SECRETARY: I agree with the others. I think he has made his
choice. Are you going out with him if he asks you?

ESTHER: That is not why I’m doing this. And nothing we say matters…
it is out of our hands. (Hegai enters)

HEGAI: Ladies! (he claps his hands and they all take lovely
positions of waiting as X and his men enter.. 10 or 12 men at least)

X: As you know, I have been looking for someone to fill this
executive position for some time now… I have met many capable
applicants from all over the corporation because I wanted it to be
someone within the company. I have found the perfect candidate
and now I shall make my choice known. Stand up, Esther. You have
impressed me with all of your skills and abilities and I believe
you are definitely executive material. You are a bright and beautiful
and welcome addition. (He reaches out and shakes her hand.
Everyone applauds) There will be a party in the lunch room right at
the end of the work day to celebrate! You are all invited. (all
clap again.. and everyone exits)

NARRATOR #3: So… our fair Esther got the promotion. Was there ever
any doubt? And X tried very hard to make her interested in him.
She remained quiet and mysterious, and did her job, and was quickly
made vice president of the whole company. Meanwhile, a couple of
the boys decided that X was never going to give them the raises they
wanted… so they took matters into their own hands and began to
embezzle large amounts of money from the company. We’re talking
corporate fraud here! Mordecai overheard them talking about it…
and he told Esther who told X and he looked into it and found it to
be true… and those two ended up in jail!

(Mordecai is at the door of SUSA)

BILL CARKAS: Hey, Mordecai! Did you hear about the new Vice

MORDECAI: Yes… I believe her name is Esther or something like that.

BILL CARKAS: Yeah… she’s great, but I was talking about Harman.

MORDECAI: Another vice president?

BILL CARKAS: That’s right. We’ve got two now. I guess these
C.E.O.’s can have as many vice presidents as they want. Anyway…
this guy is a real case! Harman Haman


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