Good Hair Day



This is a one act play (good for VALENTINE’S DAY) that takes place in a hair salon. It’s Melissa’s wedding day, so she and her mom and her sister are all coming in for the big make-over. A couple of other colorful characters show up and we end up with a big discussion on marriage, men and lots of humorous bantering. Melissa talks openly about her Christian views on marriage which actually has an effect on Charlotte, whose life has not been all that spiritual.



7 actors (all female) ages vary from teen to older adults. 20-25 mins.


(A ring sounds as two more ladies walk in) Good morning, Ladies!Charlotte: Good morning! Oh! Look who’s here! Missy Patterson!
Oh sweetie, how excited you must be this morning! (Goes over and
hugs her) You look so lovely today. I love what they’re doing with
your hair!Melissa: Good morning, Charlotte. They haven’t started on me, yet.
All I’ve done is shampoo it. Morning Daisy Mae.Daisy Mae: Good morning Miss Melissa, Miss Mandy, Loretta.Loretta: Hi Daisy Mae. Hello Charlotte.

Charlotte: Oh! Loretta darling! You must be so happy today! It
is so exciting to have your own daughter get married.

Loretta: Well, you ought to know, Charlotte. You’ve been the mother
of the bride… what…three times now?

Melissa: Mother!

Rachelle: You have three daughters, Charlotte? I thought you just
had one.

Loretta: She does.

Charlotte: Yes, yes, I know. My little girl had a few problems the
first couple times around. But her father and I felt she should have
big beautiful weddings.

Daisy Mae: I think your daughter just likes getting married. Maybe
you shouldn’t give her a big one next time.

Charlotte: Oh there’s not going to be a next time. This one is for

Melissa: Well, so is mine. I’m only doing this once.

Charlotte: Of course you are, honey. My daughter said the same
thing….each time.

Melissa: Danny and I have talked about it, and we do not believe in
divorce. For us, divorce is not an option. We are going to have
a Christian marriage, and we are putting God first in our relationship.
We are active in our church and we are going to pray together every
day and read the bible. We’ve been to marriage counseling, and we
are learning a lot about what loving one another really means.

Daisy Mae: You’re having marriage counseling already?

Loretta: Better before than after.

Midge: (returns) Here is your tea, girls. Morning Daisy Mae,
Charlotte. Care for any tea?

Charlotte: Got any coffee?

Midge: Yes, I put some on. I heard you come in. You can see that
I am already booked up this morning, ladies. You’ll have to wait

Charlotte: Oh, that’s no problem. We will keep ourselves entertained.
We should have called first, and made an appointment, rather than
just walking in like this. We had no idea you would be busy.

Daisy Mae: But Charlotte, you said you were hoping that Melissa
would be here this morning.

Charlotte: Daisy Mae, why don’t you check on that coffee and see
if it’s ready?

Daisy Mae: Did I say something?

Midge: Not anything we didn’t already know. I had a feeling we
would have a few walk-ins this morning. (She has begun working on
Melissa’s hair)

Charlotte: So tell me Missy sweetheart, are you going to keep your

Loretta: Now, why on earth would she be doing that?

Charlotte: Oh….lots of women do that now. I was just thinking that
in your case…

Melissa: I don’t mind being a Bumgardner. That is his name…and I
love him, so I will take his name. Besides, I’m marrying Danny, not
his name.

Charlotte: Oh, of course you are honey. I wasn’t insinuating
anything. You are obviously very much in love with the boy.

Daisy Mae: Good thing Danny isn’t a gardener or he might not get
very much business. Who would hire a gardener named Bumgardner?

Charlotte: Oh Daisy Mae, where do you come up with this stuff?
Missy, I think it is very sweet how you two are starting out in life
together. I guess it must be that church you go to. They really do
a good job over there.

Loretta: You should come some time, Charlotte. Oh, but I wouldn’t
want to take you away from your church.

Daisy Mae: Charlotte, I didn’t know you went to church!

Charlotte: It’s a joke, Daisy Mae darling. Try to keep up. I know
what you ladies are thinking, but it’s not as if I have never been
to church. I actually dated a pastor once.

Mandy: You went out with a pastor?

Charlotte: Well, sweetie, he wasn’t a pastor then. But he is one
now. You know him Loretta.

Loretta: I do?

Charlotte: Yeah. Bobby Parker. Remember ol’ Bobby?

Loretta: Bobby Parker is a pastor?

Charlotte: Yeah, that’s right. He went off to college and got
himself saved. Then he left the university and went to seminary.
The last I heard he had a big church in Texas.

Mandy: Did you ever go out with him, Mom?

Loretta: No. Bobby Parker was not my type. Not in those days.

Charlotte: No Dearie. I don’t think your mother and I ever dated
the same type of men. Loretty was always a good Christian girl.

Mandy: Loretty?

Daisy Mae: Midge, are you going to have anyone else coming in to
work this morning?

Midge: No, I’m sorry, Daisy Mae. I thought you didn’t mind waiting.

Daisy Mae: Oh, I don’t. I don’t mind it at all.

Midge: Well, I only had 2 on the schedule, so I figured I only
needed 2 of us to do it.

Daisy Mae: No, I was just thinking that if it wasn’t too much of a
bother, I could have my nails done while I wait. It doesn’t matter.
Maybe I can just do it myself.

Loretta: Mandy is real good at doing nails. You should have Mandy
do them. She won’t even charge you anything. It’ll give her
something to do.

Mandy: Mom…I can’t…

Daisy Mae: Oh come on, Mandy. Please? I would so appreciate it!
And I will pay you nicely for it, too.

Mandy: Well, okay. But you don’t have to pay me.

Daisy Mae: Don’t be silly! I got money! I might as well give it
to you as to somebody else! Let’s sit at this table over here.
(They cross to a table and sit on each side of it.)

Midge: Feel free to use anything you need from the table there.

Charlotte: So you think you are all ready for marriage, huh Missy?

Melissa: Who really knows? I’m not that naïve.

Charlotte: I always say “love is blind…and marriage is an eye-opener.”

Daisy Mae: I like to say, (dramatically) “marriage is like a bathtub,
after you have been in it for awhile, it’s not so hot!” (They all

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  1. Thanks so much for your promptness in getting the play to us and for writing it for us. The play was a big hit and it turned out great! We had 125 women for our Spring Luncheon and 14 men serving our meal and they all enjoyed it! Several asked me who wrote it…
    Thanks again for writing “Good Hair Day”.

    Betty Finzer, Cherry Grove United Methodist Church, Cincinnati, OH

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