Having Him Around



This is a one woman version of the skit, “Still In His Pajamas.” A woman receives a phone call and begins to share with her friend about how life has changed since her husband retired and is home all the time now. Some of it is humorous and some serious as we hear how she copes with the new way of living. Through all the difficult adjustments, she still finds something good in it.


One actress. about 6-7 mins.


…Oh, I guess I shouldn’t say such negative things. I mean, he is my husband and I love him…but I just wish that he would find something to do with himself! He really needs a hobby or some outside interest. I wish I could get him to volunteer for something so I could get him out of the house. (Pause) Oh, he does go out sometimes… but when he does, he wants me to go with him!! Now, I’m all for togetherness and all that, but when I spend all my time running around town with him, nothing else gets done. Then he wants to know why the house isn’t clean, or the laundry isn’t done. Honestly! (Pause) I think we need our space, you know? I have my routine and things that I do all the time, and they are things that I have done for years without anyone around to mess it up. Now he is here. He needs to find his routine, that’s what he needs to do. I would be glad to give him all the space that he needs, if it would just keep him out of mine! (Pause) Oh, you are so right! That is exactly what I’m saying! Why, the other day…the door bell rang and it was the Avon lady. Well, Harold was still in his pajamas and sitting on the couch. It was about 10:00 in the morning! I had to send him running before I answered the door. (Pause) Yes! And yesterday, he was complaining about not having any clean underwear in his drawer. I told him that it was because I was out running around with him when I’m usually doing laundry. I said, “Just wear your pajamas! You seem to like them better anyway!” Then he said he couldn’t find his favorite pair. He suggested that I left them in the dryer. Well, I was sure he was wrong, and he was…but guess where I found them? They were in the washer… still wet! They had been there 3 days! I tell you, I’ve never done that before! I tell you…my life is upside down! …