The Heart Behind the Mask


This 15 min skit shows how we go around wearing masks before each other and God instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives to let us be honest and open about who we are.


A Christian mom is just trying to get her family out the door in the morning, and she has to stop and put on a different mask all the time depending on the mood she is trying to put across.  Turns out everyone is wearing a mask, and she finally has her devotions with God and is moved to try to be real and remove her mask.  It is hard at first.. but she finally is able to do it with her family.

7 actors (5 females and 2 males)  About 15 mins long.


KATHY (speaks 907 words)

BILL (speaks 240 words)

NANCIE (speaks 125 words)

TRISTIN (speaks 54 words)

LUCY (speaks 67 words)

DIANE (speaks 82 words)

PASTOR PAUL (speaks 153 words)

STAGE: Living room scene with a sofa, end table and dining table with 4 chairs. Main character Kathy stays on stage but others come and go off stage.



Kathy is getting her family ready to go out the door in the morning. Kids are scrambling around looking for all their stuff to get ready. Stress is high. Mom is exasperated and starts barking orders! Kathy enters looking a little frazzled. She is carrying a bag full of masks.

KATHY We’re going to be late! Let’s go! Tristin, Nancie! The bus is going to be here! Hurry up!

Nancie enters. The girls are both wearing different masks.

NANCIE Mom, why do you have to yell at us every morning??

Kathy puts on her MOM mask.

KATHY Well, I wouldn’t have to if you two would just do what you are supposed to do. Sometimes I just get stressed out trying to get you off to school in the morning.

Tristin enters very upset.

TRISTIN Mom! Have you seen my other shoe? I can’t find it anywhere!

KATHY You have one shoe and not the other? Why can’t you keep your shoes together?

TRISTIN I don’t know Mom! But I can’t find it!

KATHY Did you look in your closet?

TRISTIN Where do you think I found this one?

KATHY This is not the time to start looking for a lost shoe! You should have laid all your clothes out before you went to bed last night.

TRISTIN I never do that.

KATHY OK, every one start looking.

NANCIE Why should I have to look for HER shoe?

Bill enters with his briefcase, wearing his husband mask.

BILL What’s the problem?

TRISTIN I can’t find my shoe!

Kathy puts on her wife mask

KATHY This happens all the time. Can you help?

BILL (To Tristin) Come on, I’ll help you look.

They exit.


NANCIE Mom! The bus is here!! I’m not going to be late just because Tristin wasn’t ready!

She runs out the door.

KATHY Nancie!!

Bill stops and comes back and puts his dad mask on

BILL Did she just run out the door? (Yells out the door) Nancy, you come back here young lady! We are all going to say goodbye to your Mom with respect AND… we need to pray!

Nancie comes back in.

NANCIE Mom, I’m going to be late. The bus won’t wait for us to pray! Why does this keep happening?

BILL That’s enough! Let’s find your sister’s shoe!

Kathy puts on a different mask. Bill exits.

KATHY (To Nancie) Maybe your dad can take you.

NANCIE If she would just keep her stuff organized, then she would know where things are. Her room is such a mess!

KATHY What time do you have to be there?

NANCIE Some of my friends are meeting before home room.

KATHY Are you hoping to see that boy, what’s his name, Travis?

NANCIE Mom! Travis is into Heather Robinson.

KATHY Oh… when did that happen?

NANCIE Last week. It’s just going to be my friends from church and Felicia.

KATHY So, it’s not the end of the world if you are late…

NANCIE But it’s not fair.

KATHY We’ll try to get you there.

Bill and Tristin enter

BILL Found it! It was in her closet.

TRISTIN Dad said I have to clean my room after school.

Kathy puts on a different mask.

KATHY I’ve been saying that for awhile now.

NANCIE So… can we pray now? The bus won’t wait!


Bill puts on a new mask, grabs their hands and prays:

BILL Heavenly Father, we ask that you go before us this day and bless and protect us In Jesus Name Amen!


The girls give a kiss to mom and wave and run out the door.

BILL …and Lord… may the bus wait for them!



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