Joseph’s Wife



I wrote this play in the 80’s, but I have recently reworked it and added to it. I used the passages from Matthew and Luke as my base and then used my imagination to create a story about Mary and Joseph.


It opens with a scene involving Mary, her mother, and a friend discussing her engagement to Joseph. Then the angel’s appearing and then Mary trying to explain to Joseph what happened. I deal with his possible reaction and decision to protect her from disgrace. Then the dream with the angel’s visit and finally the Bethlehem scenes: A very busy Inn with stressed out Innkeepers and guests, frightened shepherds on a hill who are visited by an angel, and a cozy scene at the end with Mary and Joseph with the baby in the stable, discussing how God was working in their lives, and committing to Him and whatever He wants for them as parents of Jesus.

Dialogue portion is about 40 minutes. Songs could be added to enhance it and make it a musical. Cast of 4 women and 5 men (mostly teen and adult) plus 7-10 extras (some with a few lines)




MOTHER: Joseph, you must be hungry, I have prepared a meal, would
you please join us?

JOSEPH: Yes, if it is alright to stay this long.

MOTHER: Long enough to eat. We all need our strength. Come Mary,
do you feel strong enough to help for a minute?

MARY: Sure, Mother, I tell you I’m fine. (she goes to help her

JOSEPH: Mary, you work very hard. You will make a very good wife.
God has blessed me.

MARY: Here you are, Joseph. (all sit)

MOTHER: Joseph, would you ask for the Lord’s blessing?

JOSEPH: Surely. (prays) Lord, Almighty God of Heaven and Earth,
Thou art the Most High, and all things come from Thee. Bless this
food that Thou hast provided, and for it we give eternal thanks.
Have mercy on us, poor servants, and all who call upon Thy name.

MOTHER: You are a fine young man, Joseph. You will make a fine
husband for Mary. For this, I am truly grateful to God. I know
your family, and I know that you truly love the Lord, and want to
serve Him. Mary is a good girl, and that you can be sure.

MARY: Mother.

JOSEPH: Yes, I am happy. I had not thought about us sitting and
talking like this, and eating together. At least not for quite some
time… (pause) Yet, Mary has not been doing much talking. Mary?
Did you not wish to talk with me about something? (takes a bite of

MARY: Yes, Joseph. I have been trying to find the right words.

JOSEPH: Oh… this sounds serious. Don’t be afraid to tell me whatever
it is, Mary.

MARY: Thank you, Joseph. I’ll try.

MOTHER: Excuse me, you two. I will take my bowl into the next room.
Mary, if you need me just call. I will only be a few minutes.

MARY: Thank you, Mother. (Mother exits) Joseph, what I have to say…

JOSEPH: Yes? Go ahead… I’m listening.

MARY: How long have we known each other?

JOSEPH: For most of our lives, I guess.

MARY: And didn’t our parents plan long ago that we would always be

JOSEPH: Yes, I have always been happy about that.

MARY: And I. You know I have always loved you. And you also know
that I would never lie to you.

JOSEPH: Of course not. Why do you even need to say it? What is

MARY: I pray that you will believe me. I have been waiting to see
if it is really true. And now I know that it is.

JOSEPH: What, Mary? What is it? Why did your mother go out of the

MARY: This is very difficult. I don’t know how to explain it in
such a way that you will believe. Please try to understand and
believe what I am about to tell you. An angel appeared to me and
told me that I was chosen of God.

JOSEPH: An angel?

MARY: Please let me try to tell it all. He said that I was to have
a son, but not from any man. But the Holy Spirit would come upon me
and my son will be the Son of God.

JOSEPH: Mary, what are you saying?

MARY: It is true. I am with child.

JOSEPH: What? No! This can’t be! Not you! You would not do

MARY: Joseph, I have not done anything. I am still a virgin.
I have known no man. Please try to understand what I have told you.

JOSEPH: That is not possible! What you are saying does not make
sense! Are you sure that you are with child?

MARY: Yes. I believe about 3 months.

JOSEPH: And you want me to believe that…that because of some
miracle-you are a virgin with child?

MARY: Joseph, please try to listen and I will explain it more…

JOSEPH: Listen? To lies? It is bad enough already without you
making up wild stories about an angel telling you that you will have
God’s son! Mary, this is not like you.

MARY: Joseph, I have spoken the truth. I know it is hard to
understand. But please, please try. There really was an angel, and
he told me that I had found favor with God, and that my son will be
called the Son of the Most High, and He will reign over the house of
Jacob, and His kingdom will never end.

JOSEPH: Mary! The things you are saying to me! It is all so
unbelievable. Not to mention impossible!

MARY: But I have learned that nothing is impossible with God.
Spending the last 3 months with Elizabeth has shown me that. The
angel told me about her, and that was why I went to see her. Her
baby leaped in her womb the moment we greeted. She knew I was
carrying God’s child. I didn’t even have to tell her. She said I
was blessed of women. And my soul exalted the Lord! My spirit has
been rejoicing in God my Savior!

JOSEPH: I am a righteous man, and I thought you were a godly woman;
but these things you are saying…no one can possibly believe that you
will give birth to God’s son. It cannot be true!

MARY: I would not expect anyone in the world to believe my story.
I only hoped that you would know that I would not or could not make
up such a thing. I would never want to disgrace you or my family.
But Joseph, I know what the truth is! I am God’s servant. I prayed
you would believe. I need you to believe. My son will need an
earthly father.

JOSEPH: I’m sorry; I cannot accept what you are saying. (pause)
Alright, I will have to accept the fact that you are with child. I
suppose that will be proven to be true enough. But this hurts me,
Mary, it really hurts. I’m so confused now. I do not think that we
can still marry. This is a disgrace, don’t you see that? We are
engaged. That means I have to think about what I must do.

MARY: Joseph! Please! (prays) Lord, please help him understand.

JOSEPH: Pray that God will have mercy on you. Mary, whatever must
be done, I will do it secretly. I don’t want to see you or your
family disgraced. Good bye Mary. (exits)

(Mother enters the room and hugs Mary. They exit)

Joseph’s room can be set up opposite from Mary’s room, with the same
bed on opposite side of stage. Joseph enters and drops to his knees
beside his bed.

JOSEPH: Dear Lord! How can this be happening? Please show me that
it is all a bad dream…and I shall awake soon! But I know it is not
a dream, it is real. Lord, I don’t understand, give me wisdom.
(thinks) I have to protect her, for she will be scorned. People
will say terrible things. I cannot let that happen to her. She
will have to go away and I will have to divorce her. It must be
kept quiet, no one can know. Oh Lord, have mercy! Have compassion,
Almighty God! I pray that you will find a way to protect Mary. I
know that you love her, and she loves you, and is your servant. But
please dear Lord, do not let her be exposed to public disgrace.
Give me wisdom; give me understanding, Oh God, my strength and my
redeemer. Lord, have mercy… I love her too. (drops partly onto the
bed and falls asleep and Gabriel appears to him while he sleeps.)

GABRIEL: (enters) Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take
Mary as your wife; for that which has been conceived in her is of
the Holy Spirit. And she will bear a Son; and you shall call His
name Jesus, for it is He who will save His people from their sins.

JOSEPH: (wakes up) It’s true! Everything that Mary said was true!
I’ve been such a fool. I must go back and talk to her right away.
Thank you, Lord for making it so clear to me. I will be your servant.
I will obey and take Mary as my wife, right away.

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  1. It was awesome! Everyone loved it and the kids that were involved did a wonderful job in learning and playing their roles. I think they want to do another one this year. 🙂

    Thank you for such a wonderful script. God Bless You and your dedication and God given talents. Many are being blessed by them!

    Sue Mathre, Bear Creek, WI

  2. Our Sunday School used the drama, “Joseph’s Wife” this past Christmas.  We were very pleased with the drama and how it could use all our kids ranging from ages 10 – 17.  They did an excellent job and blessed us all!  Thanks for making your drama so available.

    Sarah Loseth, Mont Nebo Evangelical Free Church, Mont Nebo, Saskatchewan, Canada

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