Love Covers All Wrongs



Two old friends meet again and the memory of what ended their friendship years before surfaces. A flashback takes you to the scene of a deacons’ meeting at a church where things went bad.


The one offended had learned to forgive and teaches the other one a lesson in love. Friendship is restored and future problems are avoided because of love. This is also a scene from the play, “The Best Way To Live.”

4 actors and a narrator plus extras. About 10 minutes.


(Scene opens in a coffee shop…>like Starbucks< and folks sitting
around. Down center there is a man sitting and another man enters…
a little surprised to see the man sitting there, he hesitates, and
just then the man sitting looks up and recognizes him)

STEVE: Hey! Mark! How are you?

MARK: (A bit nervous) Hi, Steve. I thought I recognized you.

STEVE: I haven’t changed that much have I?

MARK: No, not at all. You’re looking good.

STEVE: Hey, well… have a seat. Tell me what you’ve been up to!

MARK: Oh, nothing much. I still have the same job and all. How
about you?

STEVE: I’m doing well.

MARK: I’m glad to hear it. How’s the job?

STEVE: Same as ever… working hard and trying to make some money.
How are you doing?

MARK: Oh… fine. Doing fine.

STEVE: Yeah? Forgive me for saying…. But you seem a little
distant. Is everything okay?

MARK: Oh, yeah… everything’s fine. Yeah… Uh… just fine. I mean…
well, you know, the regular stuff… but yeah… okay… things are okay.
You know?

STEVE: If you say so… you just sound a bit uncertain. And you
seem a little nervous. Are you sure there isn’t something on your

MARK: Well, I guess I was thinking about how things went. You
know. I haven’t seen you since you left.

STEVE: Well, I’m doing well, Mark. You know, you pick up the
pieces and you move on. Sure, it was hard at the time, but I’m
over it now. Things are going well.

MARK: Well, good. I’m glad to hear it. It has really bothered me.

STEVE: Not all these years?

MARK: Well, yeah. I mean, I could have done something.

STEVE: What could you have done, Mark? They were determined to do
what they did. Someone had to go… and it was me. That’s just the
way it goes.

MARK: No, I could have said something. I could have tried to stick
up for you.

STEVE: They would have run you out too, Mark.

MARK: But I was your friend.

STEVE: I hate that word ‘was’. That was the hardest part, Mark.
We were friends. Hey… I bet you came in here to get some coffee.
I’m keeping you.

MARK: Actually, I have nothing I need to be doing. Do you have

STEVE: I have all the time you need. Let’s get that coffee. I’m
buying… come on. (They exit)

NARRATOR: (Enters) I bet you’re wondering what in the world these
two men are talking about. Let’s take you back a few years. It was
one of those heavy meetings. Temperatures were rising.

(Several people enter carrying chairs including Mark and Steve, and
all sit down in a semi-circle.)

CHAIRMAN: Well, it looks like we are stuck again. We keep running
up against this. We need to make a decision concerning this youth
pastor position.

MEMBER: I think he is fine. I have no problem with him.

CHAIRMAN: I think we are all fine with him accept for Steve.

STEVE: You all know how I feel. I would not want my kids to be
under that young man’s leadership. I just don’t feel that he has the
godly leadership qualities that we are looking for in a leader of
our youth. I want my kids to grow spiritually, not just have a good
time. I don’t sense that kind of spirituality in him that I would
look for in a youth pastor.

MEMBER: I thought he seemed fine. The kids seem to like him. That
is important.

STEVE: Of course the kids like him. He took them out and showed
them a good time! If all you want is someone to baby-sit your kids
and show them a good time… well this is your guy. I want more than

CHAIRMAN: He is very qualified. He has a degree.

STEVE: That means nothing to me. I think the kids grew a lot more
when Joe Patterson was leading them. He never even went to college!

MEMBER: Joe Patterson is not a youth pastor. We need a youth pastor.

STEVE: Okay, but let’s get the right one.

CHAIRMAN: Bob is the right one. How about you, Mark? You haven’t
said anything.

MARK: Well, I don’t have any kids… so I don’t think I have a real
say in it.

STEVE: Sure you do, Mark


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