Love Is An Action



This sketch (good for CHRISTMAS or anytime) is actually taken from the play, “The Best Way To Live” and is about two teenagers who feel that their father does not show love toward them.



At a party, a friend encourages them to start mending that relationship by showing love to him first. As an experiment, they try it and the results are a father whose heart begins to soften, and the display of affections opens the door to witness to a stranger.4 actors and 1 actress plus a narrator. About 10 minutes.
CHAD: You two are really cold on your dad!SEAN: It’s been a cold family, Chad! Marissa and I are close out
of necessity.MARISSA: I believe he is incapable of love. He never shows love
to us. There is never a hug, never a loving word.CHAD: Never?

MARISSA: When we would do well at something… sports or school
grades… something like that…he would start out congratulating us,
but then it would always end up becoming a 20 minute lecture on how
we can improve and do better next time. I would walk away feeling
bad instead of the good feeling I was having before.

CHAD: But, come on… he IS your father. I’m sure he loves you very

SEAN: How do you know if someone loves you or not… if they never
say it or express it. Marissa is right. He doesn’t know how. He
is incapable of it.

CHAD: Do you guys love him? (They stop and look at Chad… not
expecting that question.)

NARRATOR: (As the narrator walks on …everyone freezes.) Sean and
Marissa were not expecting Chad to ask them that question. They
were so busy talking about an unloving father, that they did not
realize how unloving toward him they had become as well.
1Corinthians 13 says that love does not take into account a wrong
suffered. They needed to forgive his shortcomings as a father, and
believe that He really does truly love them. We will continue the
scene in the direction it is going, and show that unloving people can
change and becoming more loving. It is a matter of the heart.

CHAD: (Unfreezing) So… do you? Do you love him?

MARISSA: Of course. He is our father.

CHAD: And if I were to ask him the same question, he would say, “of
course, they are my children.”

MARISSA: What are you trying to say, Chad?

SEAN: He is trying to say that we don’t talk like we love our dad.
And to be honest with you, I’m not so sure I do.


SEAN: Listen to us, Marissa! Listen to how we talk about him! Do
we even love the guy?

MARISSA: Maybe we don’t like him all that much, but we love him!

SEAN: That answer is a cop out.

CHAD: I would have to agree with Sean on that one. I think if
someone is not demonstrating that they love you, and you want them
to…or you need them to…. then you start by demonstrating that you
love them. Maybe you are right. He doesn’t know how. But if you do,
you could start by loving him and see if he can respond back to your

MARISSA: What are you suggesting that we do… go over and hug him?

CHAD: Wouldn’t hurt. And it sure would make things interesting.
Get him thinking about it, I bet.

SEAN: No doubt.

CHAD: How long has it been since you have hugged him?

SEAN: I don’t remember.

CHAD: Yeah… he probably doesn’t remember either.

MARISSA: I think he hugged me when Grandpa died, and that was
because I was crying.

CHAD: Well, he is still talking to Mr. Reynolds. He hasn’t escaped
yet. And if that man needs the Lord, then it will take some
Christian love rather than hearing all that doctrine. So, we have
that man’s soul to think about and your relationships with your

SEAN: So, you are suggesting that we approach Dad right now at this
party and tell him that we love him?

CHAD: Well, some things might be left for later, when you are home.
But I think it could be interesting if we did something. He is your
father, and he needs to know that you love him. And that other man
needs to know that Jesus loves him.

MARISSA: So, are we going to have a plan of action, or are we just
going to wing it?

CHAD: As long as you are honest and genuine, I think it might be
more effective if you are spontaneous. Besides, they are walking
back this way.

CHARLES: Oh, Sean, Marissa! I want you to meet someone! (They
approach the others) This is Mr. Reynolds. This is my son, Sean
and my daughter, Marissa and their friend, Chad. (They all shake
and greet each other)

MARISSA: (Hugs her dad) Thanks for including us, Daddy!

CHARLES: (Caught off guard and a bit uncomfortable with the sudden
affectionate greeting) What? Oh… sure…

SEAN: What Marissa means to say, Pop, is that we really are glad
that you brought us to this party. (Comes up and puts his arm
around his dad’s shoulders) We weren’t exactly cooperating with you
about it in the beginning, but now that we are here, it has been
good. We just want to show our appreciation. You were right to
stick to your guns!

MR. REYNOLDS: My! What a loving family you have! That is so
refreshing! I enjoy seeing a family who don’t hide their affection.
I wish my teen-age daughter would come up and hug me once in a while.
I can’t remember the last time she did.


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