Love Is Not Arrogant



This is a short skit for children and a narrator about kids who act arrogant toward strangers while playing freeze tag and cause an offense. They repeat the same scene with more loving attitudes toward the strangers and by just being friendly, they win them to the Lord. This is actually a scene from the play, “The Best Way To Live”.



12 children plus extras and a narrator. Only about 5 minutes.
JUSTIN: Oh no! We get Sal! Let’s trade! Come on! We’ll take
Chris!RACHEL: We’re not trading! You guys have to take Sal.JUSTIN: He can’t play good! He just can’t run.SAL: It’s okay. I don’t want to play anyway.

KYLE: No… you can play. Come on. I pick you.

ANDREW: You gotta try, Sal! Really try!

SAL: I do try.

KYLE: Okay. Rachel’s team is it. Ready? Go! (They all start
running around the stage and tagging each other and freezing. Just
play the game. 3 strangers approach (other kids) and they stand
and watch them play. The kids keep looking over at them and
noticing them standing there, but no one says hi or anything.)

JAKE: Hey! What are you playing?

KYLE: Freeze tag.

JAKE: Can we play?

KYLE: Uh…. well, we sort of have full teams. It would really get
crowded if we added any more.

JAKE: Do you guys go to this church?

ANDREW: Yeah. We are all from this church.

JAKE: So, this is a church thing?

ANDREW: Yeah. It’s a church thing. Our families all go to this

SHELLY: Mine don’t.

JUSTIN: Shut up!

KYLE: Sorry. We just don’t have room for any more. Besides, it
would make the teams uneven.

JAKE: Yeah… whatever. We’re outa here. (They exit)

REBECCA: That was weird.

SARA: Why would they want to play with us… they don’t even know us!

ROBBIE: Let’s forget them and get back to our game.

NARRATOR: (Enters) FREEZE! (They all freeze) That game was over!
They had lots of problems! You know, in James, it talks about
welcoming someone into your church even if they are different and
perhaps poor. Can we show love to strangers by just being friendly?
We face it everyday… we just need to be aware. 1 Corinthians 13
says that love is not arrogant. These kids were acting arrogant and
they were unkind to Sal. Let’s watch this group again. Same kids,
different hearts. (Snaps finger and they all unfreeze and stand
there looking at Kyle)


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