Love Is Not Provoked



This is a short skit for children and adults about a woman who works in a church nursery and has a lack of love for the kids and parents. The scene is done over with a much more loving attitude and the results are completely different. This is actually a scene from the play, “The Best Way To Live.”


3 adults (1 male and 2 females) Plus 2 children, a narrator and many extra children. Only about 5 minutes.
(As the scene begins… we see a room full of small children (4-6 yr
old) running and playing with one woman watching them, who obviously
has lost complete control over the kids. This is a Church nursery.)MRS. PEARCE: Billy! Stop that! Hey! Watch out! Brittany! Don’t
do that! Oh…. Where are your parents?? Eric, don’t throw things!
Come back here and pick that up! Come back here right now! (Etc..
etc..)(A young couple come to the edge of the stage and observes all the

MR. SILVERTON: Looks like you could use some help!

MRS. PEARCE: Excuse me?

MR. SILVERTON: I say….it looks like you could maybe get some help
in here.

MRS. PEARCE: Are you trying to say that I’m not capable of taking
care of these kids?

MR. SILVERTON: Oh, no. I’m not saying that at all. It just seemed
like you were a bit overwhelmed with all the kids there.

MRS. PEARCE: The problem here is not me… it is these kids! They are
the most disobedient bunch of monsters that I have ever seen! If
parents would only do what they are supposed to do at home then we
wouldn’t have problems here. It is all a lack of good parenting!

MR. SILVERTON: (Embarrassed) Well, how about if we take one of those
monsters of your hands! We are here to pick up our son.

MRS. PEARCE: And which one might that be?

MR. SILVERTON: Eric Silverton

MRS. PEARCE: He’s yours? He was the worst one of the bunch! That
boy needs to learn some manners! ERIC!! Your parents are here!
(Eric comes running as she hands him a clipboard) Sign here please.
You’d be good to pick up your boy a little quicker in the future,
since he is so difficult to control.

MR. SILVERTON: I don’t think you will need to worry about Eric. We
are only visiting today. Let’s go, son. (They exit)

MRS. PEARCE: Where are the rest of your parents? Hey! Stop that!
You kids are impossible! (They all exit)

NARRATOR: Good evening. (morning/afternoon) Our sketch is entitled,
“Love is not Provoked”. We hope to show you what we think that
means. Clearly, this woman, Mrs. Pearce, should not be watching
children, and there is a lesson to be learned here about showing love
to others. The Silvertons were a new family who were visiting this
church for the very first time. Needless to say, they did not come
back. The main reason was because of one woman’s lack of a loving
spirit. Could things have been better? Let’s take a look.


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