Mary Magdalene’s Testimony



This is a monologue about Mary Magdalene. She tells about how Jesus delivered her and then what she witnessed about his death and resurrection. This is taken from the play, “A Life Worth Living.”


About 4 minutes


MARY MAGDALENE: I heard about Jesus. I heard that He healed the sick and cast out demons, and that He spoke words of truth and power. I came to listen. He saw me. It was as if He knew everything about me just by the way He looked at me. He came toward me and I began to weep. I fell down at His feet. He raised me up with His hands on my head and He began to command the evil spirits to come out of me. I knew that I had been a sinner, and that I had suffered with problems that I could not explain. There were times that I never knew who I was, or where I was. I would have lapses in memory and wonder where I had been or what I had done. It was as if something or someone had taken over my body. I was losing control. You hear of people being possessed by demons, but I was not sure that I believed all of that kind of talk. Yet, I knew that something was wrong with me and that I could not explain it. I know that it was because of the life I lead that those demons were able to enter my body. There were seven…my Lord and my Savior cast seven demons from me that day. In an instant, I was free. I felt such relief and peace as He stood there with His hands on my head. He spoke the words, and they were gone. He told me later that there were seven of them. I was a new creature. The love of God just engulfed me. I continued to weep, because of what was happening, and I felt so unworthy to be receiving such a gift from this Teacher. He then told me that my sins were forgiven. I shall never forget what He did for me and I will never be the same…


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