Never Ending Reality Of Being There



This short skit is about a guy sitting on a park bench when an old friend sits down next to him and surprises him. The reason he is so surprised is because the friend had died. You figure that out as the story goes on and that this friend has come back from hell to ask the guy why he didn’t tell him about Jesus. Something to make you think.



Two actors. Could be two males or two females. Only 5 minutes.
Rick is sitting on a bench in the park reading a paper. Chad walks
in and sits down next to him without Rick noticing.CHAD: Anything of importance in there that you care to share?RICK: Huh? (Turns and recognizes Chad and is very surprised.) Chad?

CHAD: Surprised to see me, huh?

RICK: Well… yes…

CHAD: Yeah, well…I can’t stay long, but I did want to have a little
chat with you.

RICK: I don’t understand…

CHAD: Don’t try to figure it out, just accept it.

RICK: You realize I wasn’t expecting you.

CHAD: I know.

RICK: Wow, this gives me a chance to tell you… well, how much I’ve
missed you.

CHAD: Yeah?

RICK: I really hated for our friendship to end so suddenly. I
always enjoyed hanging out with you and doing stuff together.

CHAD: We certainly have good memories. All those games we went to
…movies …barbecues …and just long talks.

RICK: I really miss that.

CHAD: Well, we can’t get it back.

RICK: I guess not.

CHAD: How’s Lori?

RICK: She’s good. Busy as ever.

CHAD: And your folks?

RICK: They’re doing okay.

CHAD: I always liked being in their home and being around them.
Good people.

RICK: Thanks.

CHAD: Not like my family.

RICK: How is your family?

CHAD: Who knows? I was going to ask you that question.

RICK: Well, I haven’t been in contact with them since… well, you

CHAD: It’s a shame, really. I guess they will end up just like me.

RICK: We all do eventually, I guess.

CHAD: Really? Is that what you think? Cuz that’s not the way it’s
been explained to me. Aren’t you supposed to know that stuff?

RICK: I wasn’t sure what you were getting at.

CHAD: Weren’t you?

RICK: You seem a bit tense.

CHAD: Oh, you noticed. I thought I was hiding it pretty well. I
didn’t want to upset you.

RICK: If you didn’t want to upset me, then what are you doing here?
What do you want from me?

CHAD: An apology I suppose.

RICK: Apologize? For what?

CHAD: (Short laugh) It won’t make any difference any way. Forget

RICK: I don’t understand.

CHAD: Don’t you? Think about it. Why would I come back to talk to
you especially?

RICK: (Getting upset) I don’t know. I didn’t know you could. What
is this about, Chad?

CHAD: You really don’t know?

RICK: Something tells me it has to do with your death…did I…? Chad,
I was not even there!

CHAD: It’s not about my death, Rick. It’s about my life. It’s
about my afterlife.

RICK: Where are you spending it, Chad?

CHAD: Where indeed! You will never know what it’s really like.
Because for you… hell doesn’t have any concern. You have heaven to
look forward to.

RICK: You’re …in….hell?

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  1. I wanted to let you know my daughter performed “the never ending reality of being there” with another young lady for a speech and debate tournament and they won 3rd place and qualified for our regional tournament with the selection. Thanks for a great script.

    Mary Alexander, Jefferson City, MO

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