Noah’s Wife Talks To The Animals



This is a monologue that takes place on board the Ark, with Noah’s wife talking to the animals about her feelings about Noah. Obviously, this is a fictional account of what took place in the Biblical story.



Emzara approaches the animals with some food in a bucket.EMZARA
Come on! Come on! It’s dinner time!The animals come close, very anxious to eat. They put their heads into the bucket and act as if they are eating up the contents… perhaps nudging each other aside with their heads as they take turns.EMZARA
Well, you’ll never guess what happened to me today. Noah tells me that God is going send a flood to destroy the earth and he is supposed to build a huge boat for all of us to get on. So, what do you think of that? Crazy, huh? Well, I can’t be thinking that my husband is crazy… I just can’t. He wants my support. As his wife, I need to give it. But I have to make this work inside me! Am I willing to be the wife of the craziest person who ever lived? Someone who is undoubtedly going to become the laughing stock of our whole region? What alternative do I have?

The animals eat and also watch her and listen intently to what she is saying as she talks to them and pets them. They can make occasional animal noises and perhaps the chicken is a smaller child with no lines.

I know you probably don’t understand a word of this. But if this really happens, then you will be part of a huge floating zoo, because supposedly, every animal species is going to come and get on this ark thing. Two of each… and the rest will be destroyed in the flood along with all the humans.



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