Not Afraid To Die



This is a story of three missionaries who are arrested for sharing the gospel with the natives who come into their clinic. They are told they must promise to never speak of Jesus again and must turn over all their Christian literature, or they will die.



Two are willing to follow their terms and leave the country while one feels she must remain strong and not back down. The only problem is that she has a young son, who they have in the next room. The others try to persuade her to think of her son and to go with them. The boy is brought in to say good-bye and the sketch ends with a gunshot heard. An optional ending is attached where the son demands to be shot with his mother, but a big storm hits and they are able to escape.Cast of six. (4 males, 2 females. Gender can vary and the script be adjusted) About 12 – 15 mins.

SUZANNE: Oh, David! What are we going to do?
DAVID: It appears that someone has turned us in.
ALLISON: Well, we knew the risks when we came to this country. There was always the possibility that something like this could happen.
DAVID: But we are Americans! If there was a way that we could get word back to the states that our lives are in jeopardy, they might put some pressure on the government to let us go.
SUZANNE: Our lives are only in danger if we refuse to abide by their conditions. I’m sure the U.S. government would have us turn in our bibles and books and promise to keep quiet about Christianity. They might even persuade us to leave the country altogether.
DAVID: I suppose that is what would happen. You may be right about that. And that is really not a bad idea if you think about it.
DAVID: Leaving the country. Going some place else and continuing the work there.
ALLISON: But David, we have a calling to this place. We believe that God wants us here to share with these people.
DAVID: And they are not going to allow us to do that anymore. You heard him.
ALLISON: Oh, for Pete’s sake, David! That has always been the law here, and we knew it from the beginning. We take our lives in our hands daily here. I believe that we are called to this work, and we must continue it.
SUZANNE: Continue without bibles or any of our literature?
ALLISON: I am not suggesting that we give them our bibles and make any of those promises. I cannot in good conscience do that.
DAVID: You don’t think they will kill you? This is serious, Allison.
ALLISON: God can deliver us. He has done it before. He can do it again.
SUZANNE: That’s great, Allison. I hope He does… but if He doesn’t?
ALLISON: I’m not afraid to die.
DAVID: But if they kill us, what kind of work can we accomplish? We have a chance to get out of here and let our work continue.
ALLISON: You would make such a promise to these people? You would give them all our literature?
SUZANNE: We can always get more.
ALLISON: But you are promising to never speak again about Jesus!
DAVID: I don’t think that they mean ‘ever again anywhere.’ It is exclusively right here. I can keep that promise and we can leave this place. There are many other countries in the world where the gospel needs to be preached.
ALLISON: They are going to make us say something… a promise to never speak His name or speak in His name or something. I cannot do it. I will gladly go to my death speaking the name of Jesus. Perhaps, even in my dying, someone might want to believe and they will be saved.
SUZANNE: Allison, that is all very noble. But you have Jimmy to think of.
ALLISON: Jimmy is in God’s hands.
DAVID: Allison, consider what you are saying. We have a chance to get out of here. They have given us an opportunity, and this could be God’s way of delivering us.
ALLISON: God would have us promise to never speak of Jesus Christ again? I don’t think so. Perhaps, the opposite is true. Perhaps this is from God and it is a test. I do not believe that God would have us lie to get out of here and then go on doing what we promised that we would not do. What did Peter and Paul and the other apostles say when they were dragged before the authorities and told to never speak in His name again? They never made such promises!
SUZANNE: And they were all martyred.
ALLISON: Yes, they were. If that is what God wants for me… then I am in good company.
DAVID: You are a fine doctor and an excellent missionary. I hate to see you throw all of that away. And what about Jimmy? Do we just send him off to live with a distant relative? You are all he has!
ALLISON: We shouldn’t even be having this conversation. You are considering something that I cannot in good conscience do. I could not live with the guilt that I would have for the rest of my life. God could not possibly bless any work that I would do for Him in the future because I would not take a stand for Him today. I believe God will honor the other decision. Even if that means I must die. We all know that death is not the end… I will be in His presence in Glory. Jimmy knows that. Jimmy loves God and he would die, too, if it came to that. You two can make whatever decision you want to, but I’m getting the feeling that you are about to make the wrong one.
DAVID: Allison, we need to talk to God about this. Why don’t we pray together?
ALLISON: Now that is the first sensible thing you have said since we came in here.


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