One Small Child


Are you looking for an easy Christmas play that includes music? This is perfect for a small choir and something that is a little different from the norm.   It is also a sweet story about an unwed mother hard on her luck and the work of a shelter.

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About a half hour of dialogue plus the songs.  (no songs included with script) Two women from the choir begin to talk with this young mother (Abby) and try to be loving and share Jesus.  They meet the director of the shelter (Jim) and a man (Hank) who feels that he is unworthy to be a child of God.  There is also Sally, who is sort of comic relief.  Abby and Jim both undergo spiritual changes during the short drama.

9 actors (5 females, 4 males)  about 30 mins not counting the songs.


Written by Warren Sager


ABBY: (Speaks 1520 words) A young unwed mother, estranged from her family; only 17 and worried about how she can raise her baby alone.

MONICA: (Speaks 1193 words) A member of the choir and a strong Christian

JIM: (Speaks 1117 words) The director of the shelter and a strong Christian

HANK: (Speaks 934 words) A homeless man, no job and struggling with addictions.

SALLY: (Speaks 419 words) A homeless woman with a cart, speaks her mind, comical.

CHARLOTTE: (157 words) A member of the choir.

WOMAN: (49 words) Abby’s mother

DIRECTOR: (17 words) The choir director.

MAN: (15 words) Abby’s step father. 


MONICA Hello, what’s your name?

ABBY Abby.

MONICA I’m Monica, Abby. And this is Charlotte.


MONICA What’s your baby’s name?

ABBY Dominic.

MONICA He’s a very cute baby. How old is he?

ABBY 3 months.

CHARLOTTE He is so sweet! Can I hold him?

ABBY You won’t take him, will you?

CHARLOTTE Of course not.

She reluctantly hands the baby over and Charlotte coos over the baby while Monica and Abby talk.

MONICA Do you have any family, Abby?

ABBY Not any more.

MONICA Does your baby have a father?

ABBY He doesn’t want any thing to do with him.

MONICA I’m sorry.

ABBY I guess it makes no difference. I can’t give this baby a life anyway.

MONICA What do you mean?

ABBY I’m only 17. What am I going to do? I got no place to live. I got no money. Nobody wants me with a baby. I can always give him up. That way he can have a life. What kind of life can I give him?

MONICA I wouldn’t do anything hasty. Take your time.

ABBY I got knocked up. This kid was not in my plans. My folks told me to get rid of it. My dad was even going to pay for it. But I talked to Spike and asked him what he wanted to do.

MONICA Who is Spike?

ABBY He was my boyfriend…. or whatever. I guess he was not anything. He told me to get rid of it, too. He also offered to pay. Funny… they’ll pay for that! But nobody wants to pay now. I just couldn’t do that.

MONICA Of course. I think you made the right choice.


MONICA Sure. Look at this beautiful life. He deserves to be here.

ABBY And he deserves better than what I can give him.

MONICA Perhaps you can manage better than you think. God can give you the strength.

ABBY You say that. The people here say that. I can’t see how God has helped me much. My folks believe in God… and they kicked me out when I refused to get an abortion.

MONICA Do you think God led them to make those decisions?

ABBY I don’t know.

MONICA What led you to decide to have your baby? You just felt it was the right thing?

ABBY I went to one of those clinics. They talked to me.. And gave me stuff to read. They did an ultrasound and I heard my baby’s heartbeat. When I heard that… I knew that there was this life inside me. Do you think that God led me to do that?

MONICA I wouldn’t be surprised. He probably led you here, too.

ABBY This place is okay. They’re nice. But how long can I stay here?

MONICA They might be able to help you get on your feet. So you can work and still keep your baby.

CHARLOTTE Have your parents seen the baby?

ABBY No. They lost that right when they threw me out.

CHARLOTTE All they need is to take one look at their beautiful grandson.

ABBY I think the people here want to call them. But I’m not going to give them their information. My parents will just put him up for adoption. (Pause).. Maybe that is best.

MONICA I will be praying for you.

ABBY Can if you want. I don’t see where I have very many options.

MONICA You know, there was a young girl just like you who had to deal with a similar situation. She found out she was pregnant and she was not married… and she had to face ridicule and name calling, but she knew that she needed to raise her baby.

ABBY A friend of yours?

MONICA Not exactly. She lived two thousand years ago.

ABBY What?

MONICA Her baby was from the Holy Spirit. You see… she was a virgin.

ABBY Oh! Your talking about the Virgin Mary??

MONICA Yes.. And that baby was the Baby Jesus. The Son of God. Can you imagine her telling her family and her fiance about being pregnant with the Son of God?

ABBY They would probably lock her in the looney bin and throw away the key.