Thankful For Ice Cream



This THANKSGIVING DAY skit will also work for anytime, but the story begins as siblings, Jason and Tori are complaining about what Mom is fixing for Thanksgiving dinner. The setting then switches to a couple of homeless kids who just had a meal at a shelter and were very thankful.


The story goes back and forth with ungrateful kids with nice clothes, and then the opposite response when a missionary kid, Adam passes out stuff to kids in a poor country. Adam comes back home and shares with the American kids what he learned about being grateful for what we have.

16 children (mixed) 10 minutes.


JASON: Did you ask mom what was for dinner?

TORI: It’s Thanksgiving…we always have the same thing!

JASON: I know, but did you ask her?

TORI: I tried. She said that tator tots are not appropriate for a
Thanksgiving dinner.

JASON: So, we’re going to have mashed potatoes again?

TORI: She said mashed potatoes are a tradition.

JASON: I know. But didn’t you try to suggest we break tradition
this year?

TORI: Hey… I tried! She would not go for tator tots over mashed

JASON: I hate mashed potatoes!

TORI: A potato is a potato.

JASON: They are so different that you can’t even call them the same
thing! They taste nothing alike. Tator tots are far superior!

TORI: I agree.

JASON: What about the pie?

TORI: Apple and pumpkin.

JASON: Not chocolate?

TORI: Mom said that she is not making three pies. Apple and pumpkin
are the types of pies you serve on Thanksgiving.

JASON: Says who?

TORI: I don’t know. Tradition I guess.

JASON: That needs to be changed! At least one of the pies needs to
be chocolate!

TORI: Well, I couldn’t convince her! You can try if you like.

JASON: Sounds like it is going to be another typical lousy
Thanksgiving dinner.

TORI: Hey, look at it this way….there will be a lot of people here,
and you will only get one piece of pie anyway. If you can get mom
to make a chocolate pie on another day for just us… we might actually
get 2 pieces each!

JASON: It ain’t gonna happen!

TORI: I don’t know. I think we can get mom to make a chocolate pie

JASON: Yeah… well, how long will we have to wait? I wanted a piece
of chocolate pie tomorrow…right after eating all that good turkey!

TORI: Well…look on the bright side….with apple pie we will get ice

JASON: I know… but we get ice cream all the time. Nothing special
about that!

(Lights fade)

(The scene changes to the other side of the stage or a new setting
where there are very poorly dressed kids at a shelter.)

ROBERT: (Entering with Shane) That was the best Thanksgiving dinner
I ever ate!

SHANE: It sure was nice of those people to come and feed us like
that. My mom was so happy; there were tears in her eyes.

ROBERT: What was your most favorite thing to eat?

SHANE: The mashed potatoes.

ROBERT: The mashed potatoes?

SHANE: Yeah! Those were great mashed potatoes! I haven’t had that
as long as I can remember.

ROBERT: They were good. So smooth.

SHANE: I put lots of chicken gravy on mine. What was your favorite?

ROBERT: The apple pie.

SHANE: Oh yeah….the apple pie was the best!

ROBERT: I wanted to have a second piece. My folks could not
believe that I could eat that much food.

SHANE: I ate a lot, too. But it was so good! My mom was saying
over and over how we should be so thankful to God for feeding us
today. She cried a few times, I think.

ROBERT: Those people were good Christian people weren’t they?

SHANE: Why would they do that if they weren’t?

ROBERT: Oh, some people just like to do a good deed once in awhile.

SHANE: I wish they would come and give us a dinner like that every
single day!

ROBERT: That would be so cool! But all that food costs a lot of
money, so that is probably why they only do it once or twice a year.
This Thanksgiving…I’m really thankful!

SHANE: Me, too.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. It takes a lot of time and talent. We performed the Thanksgiving skit “Thankful for Ice Cream” for the congregation. Now, I will admit that I had to cut out some of it as it had too many roles for my core group of youth. However, the message still came across loud and clear. I used spot lights to single out each scene. Actually they were photographers lights that worked just as well and were much easier to manipulate. It was awesome. The kids were totally amazing. I’m sure I will be in touch in the future and will be willing to purchase more skits as needed.

    Vicki Thewes, Mt. Tabor United Methodist Church, East Canton, OH

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