Visitor From Hell


This is a sketch written to be scary and dramatic. Toby is a young man who arrives at school after being at a wild party the night before. He learns that his best friend, Scott was killed on the way home from the party. Left all alone in the classroom with his thoughts, Toby discovers a computer on and begins receiving a message from beyond the grave.


Suddenly Scott appears in the room and tells him of the horrors he is experiencing and wants to know why he didn’t tell him about Jesus. I do not condone conversing with the dead; this is simply a fantasy, and at the end, we learn it was all a dream. The excerpt is taken from the middle of the drama.

8 actors. Written as 4-6 males and 2-4 females. Genders may vary. Approx. 12-13 mins.

Written by Warren Sager


SCOTT: Speaks 827 words. A young man in hell

TOBY: Speaks 245 words. His Christian friend

TEACHER: Speaks 176 words.

NARRATOR: Speaks 138 words.

ALLISON: Speaks 83 words.

CARI: Speaks 77 words.

DEMON VOICE: Speaks 64 words.

BRYAN: Speaks 49 words.

Sketch takes place in a classroom setting. All you need are some computers, desks and an overhead screen for video.

(scene in progress)

I have some very bad news. There was a terrible accident late last night and Scott Jacobson was killed.
Everyone reacts in shock
We don’t have all the details yet, but apparently he was at a party last night and there was a lot of drinking. The car he was riding in flipped over and everyone in the car was hurt badly. Scott was the only one killed. I know that most of you knew him…he was in this class…and when something like this happens it is always hard to hear and to deal with. Toby, I know you and he were close. I’m sorry.
Toby was at that party.
You were?
(Barely able to speak)
I left early. Scott was still there. He said he’d get a ride home from somebody.
It’s very sad. There was obviously too much drinking. If anyone needs someone to talk to about this, our school counselor will make himself available. In light of this news, I think we will just cancel this class today. You can all go home.
Everyone gets up and slowly walks out, not saying anything. Toby just sits there stunned.
Toby…you coming?
In a minute.
You okay?
I’ll be alright. Can I just take a minute?
Sure. Just turn off the light on your way out.
He exits and Toby is left alone. He sits at his desk and drops his head on his arm as if to cry. Then Toby slowly gets up and walks to the door and flips the light switch as suddenly one of the computers comes on. He leaves the light off as this creates a spookier mood and the lights are dim. Words go on to the overhead screen so that the audience can watch at the same time. Toby crosses back to the computer to read and listen. The pre-recorded video plays. Toby can interject a couple of words over the video here. Carefully placed between the words of Scott. The letter should be coming together on the screen a little at a time as you hear the voice. The video plays until Scott appears. Video dialogue:
Dear Toby, Guess what?
What is this? (Pause) How is this happening? (Pause) That’s Scott’s voice!
I should have gone home with you last night, Dude…because I died. It’s really weird man… not at all what I thought it would be. Well…I guess I don’t know what I thought. I don’t know what to think, man…it’s all so strange. I guess it’s cool that I’m able to send you this message. The wonders of modern technology, huh! Hit the enter button on the computer and I will appear.
What? Appear??! You gotta be kidding me!
He hits the button. Scott appears across the room. This could be done with a blue light to make it more eerie and dramatic. Scott could be wearing a robe. It could be like Princess Leia appearing in Star Wars, (a projection) so he doesn’t really move around.
Good to see you again, Toby.
(Turning suddenly and screaaming)
I’ve got so much to tell you.
You have?
This is a lot to memorize, so you could have the voice-over continue and Scott just moves with gestures and doesn’t open his mouth. But having him talk would probably work best.
The first thing I remember after the crash was people yelling. I guess it was the other people in the car. I haven’t seen any of them here, so I’m thinking that I was the only one who didn’t make it. Can you believe my luck? Anyway…I remember being pulled out of my body. I know that sounds strange, but I don’t know how else to put it. I could see my bloody body lying there, but I was going some place else. Someone was taking me, but I couldn’t see them. They pointed to a line of people and so I got in line and waited with the others. No one spoke. When I got to the front, someone asked my name and then looked into this really big book. I was thinking… ”how archaic! They really need a computer!”
(More intense w/more fear)
Well…here’s the deal…they couldn’t find my name. The guy looking just closed the book and shook his head. I said, “wait a minute! Check again! I gotta be in there!” That’s when he said to me, “only those whose names are written in the ‘book of life’ may enter the kingdom of heaven.” What? I couldn’t believe it! “Look again!” I kept saying. “There’s some kind of mistake. How does someone get their name in there?” Then he looked me right in the eye and pointed his finger right at me and asked, “What did you do with Jesus Christ?” I didn’t know what to say. So I said, “I didn’t do anything with him! If he’s missing… it wasn’t me!”