Cleveland O. McLeish, playwright

I have known Warren now for quite some time. In the initial stages the only thing we had in common was Salvation, but as time passed and we became friends it was clear that we also share a passion for drama, especially writing. We don’t like to consider ourselves Professional Playwrights who write by the books…no…we are Anointed Playwrights who follow God’s leading on each project;  so expect nothing less than to be blessed by just reading one of Warren’s plays. He writes in a conversational manner, but it’s easy to visualize how the characters are moving onstage just by what they are saying. He has mastered the art of writing smooth, easy dialogue that flows from one word to the next; from one character to the next; and if you truly want to raise your congregation to its feet in praise and applause you have to get a few of Warren’s plays. I guarantee you no regrets.

I highly recommend SURVIVAL and THIS IS THE DAY. Both of these plays are cleverly written. “This is the day” is very funny with a serious message for all ages while “Survival” is a serious play that speaks to the end times.

Cleveland O. McLeish, playwright,