A Female Job


A young girl feels like Job in this Christian monologue as she starts out on her phone having a fight with a friend and then gets a call from her doctor telling her that she has leukemia. She feels devastated, but she just talks things out with God and comes to a peaceful ending. Very dramatic with lots of emotion.


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5-7 minutes. Could be played by a boy with a few minor changes.


As the scene opens, a young girl is talking on her cell phone and seems very agitated.
What??!! You’re what?? (Pause) (Sarcastic) Oh fine! That is just fine! (Pause) So, this is it, then! You no longer want to be my friend?? Evie…you are a royal creep! Did you know that? I should have seen it before. You know, they all warned me about you. But I was so taken in by your charm! Ha! What a dope I was! You betrayed me! (Pause) Oh…don’t try to make yourself look good now…it’s too late! I’m SO over you! Some friend! (Pause) I had a doctor’s appointment you jerk! I told you that I had to do that and you weren’t even listening to me! I don’t think you really care what happens to me. What did you think? That I was making that up? Did you think I was lying to you?? That’s your style…not mine! You’re all into those other guys now…so that’s fine. Well, I should talk to them and warn them about you. In fact, I should just tell the whole world what kind of a person you are, and then you’ll never have another friend ever! (Pause) Don’t even start on that stuff! (Pause) I talk too much?! I thought you were my best friend! Who else am I supposed to talk to? (Pause) My parents are having major marriage problems and I’m afraid that they’re going to get a divorce. It’s weighing on me and you’re my friend…so why wouldn’t I want to talk about it with you?? I’m so sorry if I was boring you with all my problems! I guess I thought you cared or something! Boy, was I wrong!

Hey…I’ve got another call… (looks at her phone) it’s my doctor, so I have to take this. This is something important …not like talking to you! (Pushes button on phone and then takes a breather as she is clearly upset and then takes the call) Hello? (Pause) Yes…this is her. (Pause) Yeah, hi. (Pause) Do I have to come down there? Can’t you just tell me over the phone? (Pause) Well, my parents are both working, so they can’t come right now. Can’t you just give me the results over the phone? I will tell them….

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  1. Warren, thank you so much for the use of your scripts. My daughter performed “Female Job” at our state Youth Conference in early June and won first place. Time would not allow her to perform the entire script, so we had to shorten it and still made sure that the audience received the message. Everyone talked about how they felt the pain that was expressed on her face when she found out about her sickness. It was just great. I look forward to buying more of your scripts. Keep me on the mailing list. Thanks again,

    Marguerite Roberson, Church of Christ-Russell Road, Shreveport, LA

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