Forgetting Those Two Little Words



Two girls crash into each other with their bikes and begin to discuss how they almost got hit by a car. The brother of one of the girls comes along and shares how they ought to be thankful to God for all that He does to protect them all the time. He points out several things that were opportunities to be thankful. They get the message.


2 girls and 1 boy. Very simple and short, only 3 mins.


SKYE: Andrea! Are you okay? Wow! That was close!

ANDREA: I didn’t even see that car coming! It’s a good thing you crashed into me, or I might be dead!

SKYE: What are you talking about? You crashed into me!

ANDREA: Skye…I thought you did that to keep me from going into the street and getting hit by that car!

SKYE: I was just trying to beat you. I didn’t see that car either! He was really zooming! If we hadn’t crashed, we could both be dead!

ANDREA: Well… we sure are lucky…that’s all I can say!

SKYE: That’s my second close call this week!

ANDREA: What else happened?

SKYE: My brother, Tanner and I were climbing in that big tree behind our house, and I lost my footing and slipped and fell out of the tree.

ANDREA: Did you get hurt?

SKYE: No! Somehow I landed on my feet! I wasn’t hurt at all! Tanner says I must be part cat. They always land on their feet.

ANDREA: Maybe you’re accident prone. My dad is. He was in a bad car accident a few weeks ago and Mom said he should have been killed!

TANNER: (Enters carrying something in his hand) Did one of you girls drop this?

SKYE: Oh! My hair clip! It must have fallen out of my hair when we crashed. Thank you, Tanner!

TANNER: Oh! So you do know those two words!

SKYE: What?

TANNER: You’re always forgetting those two little words! Thank – you!

ANDREA: Hey! You’re rude, Tanner! Mind your own business!

TANNER: I know I should, but I was just making an observation. Oh…(To Skye) and you’re welcome, by the way.

ANDREA: Okay…you’ve done your good deed, now get lost!

TANNER: Hey… is that anyway to talk to your friend’s brother? I can tell you how you were saved from getting hit.

SKYE: What are you talking about?

TANNER: Who do you think caused you two to crash into each other? Neither of you admitted to doing it. And Skye…how do you think you landed on your feet the other day?

SKYE: Landed on my feet?