Judas Talks



This is a monologue about Judas. Imagine if he were to come back from the grave and talk to someone who was not wanting to live and not knowing the Savior. An interesting perspective is imagined here. This is taken from the play, “A Life Worth Living.”



About 6 minutes


JUDAS: So you want to kill yourself, do you? Well, that’s what I did. After all I had done, it was the only thing left to do. They say that Satan had entered me, and I guess that is true. I was not a true follower of Jesus. He selected me, and he really knew me. I thought I was being secretive and fooling them all, but I could never fool Jesus. I know that now. The others didn’t know. I carried the money bag, it was so convenient. I was taking out money whenever I needed it. Well, I never really needed it. But I was taking it. It was greed. I always wanted a little more. Jesus would send me to give money to the poor, and I would take some of it for myself. I thought he would figure it out, and send me away, but he never seemed to know. I guess he did know all the time. I should have known who He was. All the miracles that we witnessed, and the power that we were seeing, it should have convinced us that this man was really the son of God. But I just didn’t see it! My mind was on my own pleasures and what I could get out of this. I knew how badly the Jewish leaders hated Jesus, and would like him dead. I was the person who could help them…


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