On The Road To Emmaus



This short EASTER skit takes place at the time of the Resurrection as Cleopas and his friend are discussing what they’ve heard as they walk to Emmaus. Jesus joins them and explains the prophesies of the scriptures to them and they do not recognize Him. This skit is also a scene in the play, “The Sun Has Risen”.


3 actors, all adult or older teens. About 6 minutes


(2 men appear walking along…they could be on stage, in front of the
stage or even coming down the aisle)

CLEOPAS: Thank you for walking with me today, it is good to have a

FRIEND: No problem, Cleopas. Emmaus isn’t all that far.

CLEOPAS: But far enough to be tedious when you are walking all
alone. The conversation helps pass the time.

FRIEND: There is so much to talk about, too. What do you make of
all the rumors we are hearing about Christ’s body being missing?

CLEOPAS: Well, they come from reliable sources. Mary Magdalene,
and Salome, and Peter and John…they would not be making up such
stories. I heard of it earlier today. The twelve are gathering
tonight to discuss it.

FRIEND: The twelve? You mean the eleven.

CLEOPAS: Oh yes. I forgot about that. Who would have thought that
Judas would do such a thing? I certainly did not expect that.

FRIEND: Are you referring to the betrayal or hanging himself?

CLEOPAS: Both. It is all so awful. I keep going over all of it in
my mind. Why would one of his closest followers betray Him to the
Jewish leaders that wanted Him dead? I heard that he betrayed Him
with a kiss.

FRIEND: A kiss?

CLEOPAS: Yes, he went to the leaders of the Jews, they paid a lot
of money…30 pieces of silver I think it was, and then sent a Roman
cohort with him to arrest Jesus in the garden. A multitude joined
them, including the chief priests and elders and scribes, carrying
clubs and swords and torches. Judas knew that they would be there.
He told them that they should arrest the man that he kissed.

FRIEND: As if they would not know which one was Jesus!

CLEOPAS: I guess they needed to make sure. Then Peter pulled out a
sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s slave.

FRIEND: Oh my! With all those soldiers and everyone there, he
didn’t have a chance against them. Still, you would think that the
disciples would put up a fight. That only seems natural.

CLEOPAS: Jesus told him to put the sword away; He healed the man’s
ear, and said, “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given Me?

FRIEND: Jesus didn’t want them to protect Him.

CLEOPAS: He told His disciples that if He wanted, He could request
12 legions of angels from the Father to protect Him.

FRIEND: I wish He had.

CLEOPAS: And another strange thing that happened, He asked them
whom they were seeking, and they said “Jesus, the Nazarene” and He
said, “I am He” and they all fell over backwards!

FRIEND: They did not understand who they were dealing with.

CLEOPAS: That’s right…and then He went willingly with them. All
the disciples fled in every direction. Word spread quickly that
there was an arrest and an all night trial.

FRIEND: Yes, one of them found me and I went to see what was
happening. I could not believe the crowds of people. Only a week
ago they were shouting “Hosanna to the King!” and now they were
shouting, “Crucify Him!” I shall never forget the things I have

CLEOPAS: I shall never forget Jesus. The hardest part is the fact
that I’m sure going to miss Him!

FRIEND: Yes, and I as well. I cannot imagine not being able to sit
and listen to Him teach us.

JESUS: (appears from behind them joining with them) What are these
words that you are exchanging with one another as you are walking?
(They both stop and look sad)

CLEOPAS: Are You the only one visiting Jerusalem and unaware of the
things which have happened here in these days?

JESUS: What things?


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