Pocahontas: A Bright Stream Between Two Hills



The true story of Pocahontas is a little known story in history, especially since the very fictionalized version by Disney several years ago. In this sketch, I have tried to stick to the facts and only dramatizing it to create dialogue.



We know she was converted to Christ and who she married, but not about how it may have come about. There is less about John Smith and Chief Powhatan, and more about John Rolfe, who falls in love with her. It goes from Pocahontas at age 13 to her death at age 22.Cast of 8 adults, (only 2 female) 20-25 mins.Look for a package deal that includes this script under the Historical Scripts category.

RUCKE: Yes, Alexander and I were at the chapel in prayer for a
couple of hours this morning.MRS. WHITTAKER: I thought so. He left so early. I know the needs
of our colony are so great. Food has become so scarce, and finding
some anywhere seems an impossible task. Plus the dangers involved
in searching too far from the fort.RUCKE: Yes, Captain Smith is very brave in his continuous
exploration for food. Even after the last attack and death of his
men, he still goes out. I guess he feels that since the Indians
let him go last time, they will leave him alone.MRS. WHITTAKER: I pray for his safety, and all of us here. The
Indians can be so unpredictable.

RUCKE: I’ll say. Look there behind you.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Oh! Is she all alone? (Pocahontas slowly enters
the gate and approaches them. She is carrying food, raw vegetables,
etc.) Hello.

POCAHONTAS: Hello. I bring food. (She places it on the ground)

MRS. WHITTAKER: You speak English.

POCAHONTAS: My father taught me. He has learned the white man
tongue. He is king of all our tribe.

RUCKE: Thank you for the food. You must be the Indian princess we
have heard so much about.

POCAHONTAS: I am called Pocahontas.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Yes, Pocahontas. You are very welcome here. We are
so grateful to you for rescuing our Captain Smith from sure death.

POCAHONTAS: I have food. My friends helped me. We have much food
for you outside. You go get it.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Oh, tell your friends to come in.

POCAHONTAS: They have run into the woods. They think you will eat

MRS. WHITTAKER: Oh no! We would not.

POCAHONTAS: When they see you not eat me, they will know.

RUCKE: God has answered our prayers through you, dear girl. God
bless you!

POCAHONTAS: Your Captain Smith said that to me once. I do not know
the meaning.

MRS. WHITTAKER: It means that we are so thankful and grateful to you,
that we desire God’s blessing upon you. His blessing is like good
things happening in your life.

POCAHONTAS: It is like when the Great Spirit smiles on our people.

RUCKE: Your great spirit could very well be the God who we worship.
We can tell you all about him. (John Rolfe enters)

ROLFE: Who is this?

MRS. WHITTAKER: John, this is Pocahontas.

ROLFE: Captain Smith’s Pocahontas? We have heard much about you.
You keep bringing food for us.

RUCKE: She and her friends have brought food again, it is outside
the gate.

ROLFE: I passed it on the way; such a bounty! Thank you so much!
You must stay for awhile, so Captain Smith can see you.

POCAHONTAS: I cannot stay. I will come again with food. You are
kind and friendly and you smell bad.

ROLFE: (Laughs) I think you mean… well it matters not. (Reaching for
her hand) I am John Rolfe. (She looks at his hand, and does not
know what to do. Then she extends her hand the same way… off to one

POCAHONTAS: I am Pocahontas. (John takes her hand and puts it in
his hand, but she quickly pulls it away.)

ROLFE: It is how we greet each other. Watch. (He extends his hand
to Mrs. Whittaker, and she shakes hands.) Now you try. (He extends
his hand again. She shakes her head no.) Pocahontas is a very
pretty name. What does it mean?

POCAHONTAS: A bright stream between two hills.

MRS. WHITTAKER: That is lovely. My name is Mrs. Whittaker, and this
is Reverend Rucke.

POCAHONTAS: How do I do?

RUCKE: You do very well! Your English is most excellent.

ROLFE: But you should say… “how do YOU do.”

POCAHONTAS: How do I do?

ROLFE: Well, we can work on that. Your father does not mind that
you come into our town and bring us this food?

POCAHONTAS: He does not know I bring food. He thinks white man is
lazy. Should grow own food. My father and I have understanding.
I told him the white man are good.

ROLFE: Not all white men are good. Just like not all Indians are
good. I dare say that your tribe has enemies.

POCAHONTAS: There are enemy tribes. We have war with them. Like
white man… we say we want peace. Everyone says peace… but no one
makes peace.

ROLFE: Very true.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Will you stay and eat with us?

POCAHONTAS: No. I must go. The Great Spirit will smile on us now.
(She hurries away. John stands and watches her go.)

RUCKE: Such a sweet girl.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Yet, a savage. That Great Spirit talk bothers me.

RUCKE: She just does not know the truth, yet.

ROLFE: She is very beautiful.

MRS. WHITTAKER: She is very young. I dare say that she is not much
above 15 or 16.

RUCKE: John was smitten with her, though, weren’t you, John?

ROLFE: Don’t be silly. She is just a girl. I am just glad to
finally meet her. Captain Smith keeps talking about her; I was
beginning to wonder if she really existed. She usually waits outside
the fort with the food until he comes out. I don’t think she has
ever ventured in before.

MRS. WHITTAKER: Well, let’s get someone to gather all the food they
brought. Today, God has answered our prayers.


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