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Two young couples are helping an older couple move into their new home. All three families are new to the area and they discover that they are all believers and talk about the church they go to. Although moving can be difficult, it shows how God is in it and can bring blessings along to give you some encouragement. This is also a scene from the play, “Wherever We Are.”


3 men, 3 women, and one child. set can include a few boxes and a couch. 10 minutes

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Entire Script:


Written by Warren Sager

(As the scene opens, there are some boxes around and two men enter carrying a couch and set it down. It is Craig and Brad.  Some of the others enter carrying boxes and set them down.   Susan enters with a plate of brownies.  The whole cast is on stage.)

SUSAN:  I have brownies for everyone!  You all worked very hard!

BRAD:  Oh boy!  That sounds great!

ELIZABETH:  Thank you all so much!  What great new neighbors we have!

GEORGE:   I can’t believe those movers just left everything outside like that!  If I would have known it was going to be like that, I would have called my sons to come and help.  They offered, and I told them it was all taken care of.

CRAIG:  Well, I would definitely complain to the company.  I would think you are entitled to a full refund.  Stuff like that just isn’t done!

GEORGE:  I guess we didn’t get here quick enough with the key.

ELIZABETH:  I was having a hard time leaving the old house, and we stayed a bit too long.

CRAIG:  That shouldn’t matter at all.  They should have waited.  Unloading your stuff on the front yard and then leaving… that is just bad business!

ELIZABETH:  Thank God you came over and watched it for us.

CRAIG:  Oh, no problem!  It was actually a huge blessing!

GEORGE:  How is that?

CRAIG:  I met Brad.  They just moved in across the street a few days ago.

BRAD:  So, while we were watching your stuff, we were just having wonderful fellowship.

ELIZABETH:  Fellowship?  Blessing?  Are you folks Christians?

BRAD:  Yes, we are!

ELIZABETH:  So are we!  Oh, this is wonderful!  We have Christian neighbors!  Right next door, and across the street!

SUSAN:   And here I was thinking… “Oh we will show Christ’s love to our new neighbors by helping them move their stuff in and making some brownies.”

GEORGE:  Oh, you have sure showed us Christ’s love!  I was thinking the whole time…if these folks aren’t Christians, they sure should be!  I was looking for an opportunity to talk to you about it.  But you have been ministering to us the whole time!

ELIZABETH:   Well, here…come and sit for a while!  You have all worked so hard.  Sit on the couch or pull up a box and sit on it.  We need to get to know each other.  Susan, you should sit down for sure.  When is your baby due?

SUSAN:  November the 5th.

ANGIE:  Let me see if I got the names correct…you are George and Elizabeth, and you are Craig and Susan… and we are Brad and Angie.

TOMMY:  And I’m Tommy!

ANGIE:  Tommy!  Of course!  We can’t forget Tommy!  You were such a hard worker!

TOMMY:  We’re going to have a baby!  And we have a new house now, and it is bigger so the baby can have his own room!

ELIZABETH:  That’s wonderful, Tommy.  (To Susan)  So, have you just recently moved here, too?

SUSAN:  Yes, just a couple of weeks ago.  (To Angie) I feel bad that we didn’t come and welcome you to the neighborhood when you got here the other day.  We have been so busy unpacking!

ANGIE:  I wondered if you were new also.  I saw a lot of people coming by and it looked like folks were helping you.

SUSAN:  Oh, they were from my church.  They helped us move and brought meals.

ANGIE:  How wonderful!  So churches out here do that, too?

BRAD:  What church do you go to?

CRAIG:  The Chapel on the Hill.

ANGIE:   Oh, I’ve seen that one!  We drove by it the other day, remember, Honey?  I thought it looked cute.  We haven’t really started looking yet.

SUSAN:  Well, I hope you start with ours.

BRAD:  I don’t know why not.  We already know somebody there, so that will help.  Maybe you folks could come, too?  What do you say, George?

ELIZABETH:  Oh, I think we will continue going to our old church.  Don’t you think so, George?

GEORGE:  I hadn’t really thought about it.  It would be quite a drive.  Maybe after making the drive a few times, we might consider changing churches.

ELIZABETH:  Changing churches is so hard…Especially when you feel so at home some place.

SUSAN:  Well, we only moved a few blocks, so we didn’t have to worry about that.  We are actually a little closer to the church now, I think.

CRAIG:  You can get there in 6 minutes from here…when there is no traffic.

BRAD:  This is going to be a big adjustment for us.  We met in our church, and got married there and both of our parents still go there.  Angie has never even gone to another church.

ELIZABETH:  Well, that is actually quite a testimony.  I will pray for you that you will feel at home here.  Where are you from?

ANGIE:  Houston, Texas.  My husband works for a new software company that just opened a new branch out here in California, and he got a big promotion, so we made the move.

GEORGE:  Now that has to be hard!  Living your whole life in one place and then uprooting yourself and settling some place new.

ANGIE:  Well, we all have that in common here, don’t we?  Perhaps it varies a little in each case, but moving to a new place can be quite traumatic.  Brad is taking it better than I am… so I have been leaning on him.

BRAD:  Actually, we have both been leaning on the Lord.  He is the one who is helping us.

CRAIG:  Amen to that!

SUSAN:  Do you have any children?

ANGIE:  Yes, we have two.  Billy and Abby.  Billy is Tommy’s age (Tommy looks excited) and Abby is a year older.

TOMMY:  Where are they?

BRAD:  Still in Texas with their grandparents.  They are bringing them out in a couple of weeks while we get settled.

ANGIE:   How are the schools here?

SUSAN:  Well, they are okay….we have Tommy enrolled at the Chapel Academy.  It is a Christian school that our church operates.

ANGIE:  Oh, that sounds wonderful.

CRAIG:  What about you folks, George?  Why did you move here?

GEORGE:  We needed something smaller.  Our house was too big for just the two of us, and this place is more centrally located to all of our children.

ELIZABETH:  Most of our children.  We have a son in Africa.  He is on a short term mission assignment.  Are you familiar with YWAM?

CRAIG:   Yes!  They’re good.

ANGIE:  How many children do you have?

ELIZABETH:  Five.  Three boys and two girls.  And we have 7 grandchildren so far.

GEORGE:  They all have nice big homes, so we didn’t need ours.  This will suit us fine.

CRAIG:  I think this is the smallest house in the tract.

ELIZABETH:   Well, it is perfect for us…and it will be a home very soon.

ANGIE:  I’m so glad that those movers left all your stuff out on your front lawn!

BRAD:  Angie!

ANGIE:  Because that got us all outside and out of our own little worlds and thinking about someone else.  Look what a blessing it has been!  I feel like we have been friends for ever!

CRAIG:  Well… we will BE friends for ever…literally…all eternity!

BRAD:  This is sure making things easier for us.  There is nothing like finding Christian neighbors to help you get through a big transition like this.

ELIZABETH:  Craig and Susan, you have lived here the longest…is there a good restaurant in the area?

CRAIG:  Oh, we have several good places to eat.  There is a nice family restaurant just around the corner.  If you go a few blocks that way, you come to the mall, and there are some good places there, and some fast food…

SUSAN:  Do you mean for tonight?   Well, of course you do!  You can’t be coming up with dinner tonight!   I have an idea…Honey…what about all those meals?

CRAIG:  Huh?

SUSAN:  Yes!  That is a great idea!  The ladies from my church have been bringing over meals and I have been sticking them in the freezer.  We have way too many.   I had to call the coordinator and tell her to stop them.  Why don’t we heat them up and we can all eat together tonight?

CRAIG:  But Honey…they are all different type meals?

SUSAN:  So what?  It will be like a buffet!  We will just heat up everything, and we can all have some of each thing.  It will be fun!  Why don’t you all come over to our house tonight and we will do that!?  What do you say?

ELIZABETH:  But won’t you need those meals?

SUSAN:  No.  They were great when we first moved in, but they should have stopped after a week.  They’re going to do it again anyway when I have my baby.

ANGIE:  Oh, I like this church already.

SUSAN:  Believe me; if those ladies knew about you folks, they would be over here tonight with some meals for you.  So what do you say?  Are you all coming?

(The couples look at each other and then smile)

BRAD:  We’d love to.

GEORGE:  We accept as well.  Thank you so much for the hospitality and for making us feel so welcome in this neighborhood.

BRAD:  We can say the same thing.  A new place, new people, new state… it can be quite overwhelming.  You folks are making it so much easier.

SUSAN:  When we moved in… I felt like there was something missing… and this is it!  Now I’m happy in our new place.

ANGIE:  Yes, I know what you mean.  I guess this move wasn’t so bad after all.   Now it is starting to feel like home.

SUSAN:  Well, let me get home and get those meals warming.

ANGIE:  I’ll go with you.  Maybe I can warm up some in my oven.  (They exit)

CRAIG:  We’ll see you folks at our house in a little while!  Be sure you call that moving company and get your money back!

BRAD:  (Following Craig out the door) So, what do you do, Craig?  (They exit)

ELIZABETH:  (They are left alone now) George…let’s go and visit their church this Sunday.  I think I would like to do that.

GEORGE:  Alright.

ELIZABETH:  It really does feel like home, doesn’t it George?

GEORGE:  It sure does.  I think I would feel guilty getting our money back.  This was the best thing that could have happened!  We need to have a prayer of thanksgiving.

ELIZABETH:  Oh, we should have done it while they were all here.

GEORGE:  We’ll do it again when we get over there.  (He takes her hand or arm and they bow their heads.)  Thank you dear Jesus for bringing us here and for bringing these wonderful friends along to be our new neighbors.  And thank you for making wherever we are…a home.

(Lights out)


Copyright 2004 Warren Sager


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