Missionaries Are Supposed To Suffer



This is another Frank and Edith skit that has them talking about a missionary that they just heard speak at their church. They discuss how important mission work is to them, and how they should support this particular missionary, because he gave such a good presentation. Of course, they come up with reasons not to, and talk themselves out of it completely. You will either laugh at their reasoning, or realize you do the same thing.


one couple. About 9 minutes.


(Frank and Edith walk on stage and remove their coats, they have just
arrived home.)

EDITH: Wasn’t that missionary speaker interesting tonight? I really
enjoyed that.

FRANK: Yes. I think it is very exciting to hear about the work that
they are doing. Missionaries always impress me so much. They are
always so dedicated to their work.

EDITH: They do a very important work.

FRANK: Probably the most important work! I really believe that
mission work is the most important thing there is! That’s why I am
so devoted to it.

EDITH: Sure, sure. I noticed that you put some money in the
offering tonight.

FRANK: I didn’t know how much the Lord wanted me to give, so I just
reached into my wallet and pulled out whatever was in there and
tossed it in the plate.

EDITH: So, you gave $5?

FRANK: I don’t know. Was it?

EDITH: It must have been. You never keep more than $5 in your

FRANK: Well, that is because I get stopped on the street sometimes
by homeless people, and when I open my wallet, all I have to give
them is $5. I think that is the right amount. It will buy them a
meal. If you give them more than that… they just spend it on booze
and cigarettes.

EDITH: That is so smart. (She opens her bible) I brought home one
of their support cards. They have a place on here where you can mark
down that you will be a prayer partner and then whether or not you
want to support them.

FRANK: Oh, definitely put down that we will pray for them. That is
the most important thing. You know, they say that all the time, how
they want prayer support most of all.

EDITH: Oh yes. I agree. It is the most important thing. Since we
are so dedicated to missions, we will surely pray for them as… often…
as… we can. (Say this rather sheepishly, since she knows that they
won’t remember to pray very much)

FRANK: Get a magnet and stick that on our fridge. That way we will
be reminded to pray for them.

EDITH: Should I put it on the door?

FRANK: No, that is for the kids’ pictures. Put it on the side.
We’ll still see it over there.

EDITH: Good idea. What do you think about the financial support?

FRANK: Oh, sure. We should do that, too; especially since they
gave such an excellent presentation. You know, some missionaries who
come, just don’t give very good presentations, and they don’t have
that knack for public speaking. This couple…they were both very good.

EDITH: Oh, I agree. That was why I thought you might want to
consider supporting them this time. We have never done that before.

FRANK: Oh, I’ve supported missionaries before. Just not that way.
You know, sign up and be accountable like that. I understand why
they do that, because they have to prove to the mission board that
they will have enough support.

EDITH: Did they say how much they have now? I don’t remember.

FRANK: No, they don’t tell you that stuff. If they sound like they
have enough, then folks won’t support them. And if they sound like
they have too little…then folks think that they are not very good at
what they do, and if no one wants to support them, why should I?

EDITH: So, you don’t want to do it, then?

FRANK: Oh, I didn’t say that. I think it is important. We
definitely should pray about it. It is a big commitment. You know,
we need to go over our finances and see how much we can really
afford to let go of.

EDITH: Of course. Well, I think we are doing fine. We both have
nice paying jobs. You make $75,000 a year and I make $60,000 a year.
Our savings has quite a bit in it.

FRANK: Don’t forget that we have that vacation planned.

EDITH: That’s right. There is that vacation. We have to make sure
we have enough for our vacation.

FRANK: The printing of the B’ghiva Mulanghi New Testament is NOT
going to keep us from seeing Wayne Newton in Vegas.

EDITH: We’ve been planning that trip for a long time!

FRANK: Don’t get me wrong, Edith. I’m not saying our vacation is
more important that missions.

EDITH: No, of course not.

FRANK: I think missions are the most important work in the universe.
What our church does is not even as important. By the way, do you
know if the church is supporting this couple? I’d be curious to know
how much a month they get from the church.

EDITH: You could probably call the treasurer and ask him how much.

FRANK: I might do that…just to get an idea of what kind of support
they are getting and what they need. He knows a lot of stuff. He
might even know their support level.

EDITH: Do you think Charlie Bledsoe knows all of that?

FRANK: Charlie Bledsoe!? When did he get to be treasurer? I don’t
remember that! Why, he can’t handle finances! Whoever thought that
he should be treasurer? I could do that job a lot better than him!

EDITH: Yes, I know, Dear….but whenever they ask you to be anything at
the church, you always decline.

FRANK: I can’t do everything, Edith. You know, sometimes you just
have to say “no” and that way it forces someone else to get their
feet wet and do something once in awhile. It is the same thing in
supporting missionaries. If you give too much, and the missionary
reaches the level he needs, then other folks will not give. They
won’t see a need. Thus you have caused them to miss out on the
blessing of giving. That is why we have to be very careful as we
consider this support thing.

EDITH: So, what amount were you thinking about, Dear? They want an
actual amount in here that you will commit to giving every single

FRANK: What amount were you thinking about? I think we should make
sure we are in agreement on the amount

EDITH: Ummm…I don’t know.

FRANK: We don’t want to give them TOO MUCH. Missionaries are
supposed to suffer. It’s all part of being a missionary. They know
that. We don’t want to cheat them out of the great growth that
suffering brings by allowing them a comfortable financial life.
They could become less dependant upon God. Having very little
forces them to depend more upon the Lord and so they pray more and
have more spiritual growth.

EDITH: I never thought of that. That is a really good point. You
sure know a lot about missions. Well, we do have a little extra,
but I also wanted to get that extra TV for the kitchen.

FRANK: You have wanted that for a long time. You should really get
that, Dear. I don’t want to deprive you any longer.

EDITH: Thank you, Dear. But even with the TV, I think we can afford
to do something. Does $10 sound like a good amount?

FRANK: You are talking about a monthly amount, right? You have to
look at the big picture. $10 a month is $120 a year. $120 is a lot
of money to a missionary. Most of those third world countries have
a totally different money system than us, and just a few pennies over
here is like dollars over there. A little goes a long ways.

EDITH: Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought I remembered them saying
that things were expensive over there.

FRANK: No, I don’t think you understood them correctly. You see,
things are expensive for the people who live there. They are very
poor and can’t afford anything. But if you come in with American
dollars, you can buy everything!

EDITH: You sure know a lot about the world economy.

FRANK: I try to stay informed on these things.

EDITH: So, getting back to the amount. How does $5 sound? That
would be $60 a year.

FRANK: And in 5 years, we would have given them $300!

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  1. The script is so funny with very realistic characters!  Can’t wait to present it to my church!  I’m sure we can all see a little of Frank or Edith in ourselves,  I’m sorry to say.

    Elaine Morris, Georgetown, SC

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