Oh, What A Happy Soul: The Story of Fanny Crosby



This is a short one-act play in just 2 scenes. The first part is Fanny as a young girl telling her mother and grandmother about writing her first poem. The second scene is Fanny as an adult meeting with a song writer who wants Fanny to write words to his tune. She tells of how she became blind and comes up with the words instantly after praying and asking for the Holy Spirit to inspire her. Includes a narrator.


About 25 mins. 5 adults, (4 female, 1 male) 2 children (girls) Plus a narrator and one extra servant. Only one male in the cast.


(Scene opens with Eunice sitting and knitting and mumbling verses of
scripture in old King James. The door bursts open and Polly runs
into the room laughing and screaming with Fanny behind her.. her
arms in front of her to find her way thru the room… )

FANNY: Polly!! Polly!! Give it back to me! Give it back!

POLLY: Not until you say it, Fanny! Not until you say it!

FANNY: I won’t say it, cuz it is not true!

POLLY: Of course it is true! You silly Fanny! Of course it is

FANNY: It is not true! I will never say such a thing!

EUNICE: Girls! Fanny! Polly! What on earth is going on here?
What is this all about? Stop running and come here at once!
(Fanny finds the chair that Eunice is in and squats down next to
her) (Polly is hiding something behind her back) Now, Polly,
what is it that you have behind your back? Let me see it. (she
hands her a book) Is this yours, Polly?

POLLY: No Mother.

EUNICE: Where did you get it?

POLLY: From Fanny. She was showing it to me.

EUNICE: How many times have I told you not to tease Fanny? It
isn’t very nice.

FANNY: I don’t mind that much, Grandmother. Really. Polly was
just having fun with me.

EUNICE: Well, it certainly didn’t sound that way when you came
running in here… Would you mind explaining to me what it was you
were so upset about?

FANNY: Of course. It was what she said. Polly said that because
I was blind, that I could not do things like other children.

POLLY: That is true! She kept saying that she could do anything
that any other child could do! That is just rediculous and she
knows it! But she will not admit to it! She is so stubborn!

EUNICE: That is enough Polly!

POLLY: But Mother! Fanny is being silly! A blind person cannot do
a lot of things! For instance she can never read that book! I
don’t know why she even has a book! That is just silly! Tell her,
Mother! Tell her!

EUNICE: Polly, have you finished your chores, yet?

POLLY: No Mother.

EUNICE: Then I suggest that you go and do them now.

POLLY: What about Fanny’s chores?

FANNY: I finished my chores. (not in a snotty way, but matter of

EUNICE: Have you learned your scripture verses?

POLLY: No Mother. Not all of them.

FANNY: I have. Would you like to hear them? …And when Abram was
ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said
unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou

EUNICE: Alright, Fanny. Lets not show off. Polly, I think you
have some things to do… so you had better run along and do them.
I want to speak with Fanny awhile.

POLLY: Yes Mother. (she exits)

EUNICE: Fanny…

FANNY: Yes, Grandmother.

EUNICE: Fanny, I know you want to believe that you can do anything
that other children can do…

FANNY: Oh… I can Grandmother!! Why should being blind keep from
being able to do things? Isn’t that what you always tell me? I
know that it may not look like I can.. and maybe it won’t be right
away… but someday. I can already play the guitar…and I am
learning the piano. I believe that someday I will even read a book.

EUNICE: Oh Fanny! You have such faith!


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