This closely follows the Biblical account of the Crucifixion of Christ. Jesus speaks seven times and each line is actual scripture. Difficult to stage as you might imagine. Should take between 7-10 mins, depending on how long you want to drag it out. This script is also included in the play, “Scenes from the Life of Christ”.


The other dialogue is by crowd members, pharisees and scribes, roman soldiers and the thieves. There are at least 3 women in the scene including Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Salome.   12 actors+


(Jesus enters carrying His cross as the crowd follows hollering things about Him being crucified, about Him dying, and calling Him blasphemer, etc. The members of the crowd have random lines, divided among any in the crowd, or even the Pharisees and Scribe. The Roman Soldier lines could be spoken by the Centurion instead)

CROWD: Crucify! Crucify! Death to the blasphemer!

(As Jesus arrives on stage, they offer him some wine and he tastes it and then doesn’t want it.)

ROMAN SOLDIER: What’s the matter? (Sarcastically) You don’t like wine mixed with gall? That’s too bad!

(Mary, His mother, enters very slowly and keeps back, crying. John and Mary M enter and join her. The Roman Soldiers lay Him on the cross and go through the motions of nailing him as the sound of the hammer and nails are heard. As the sound of the nails being struck sounds, Mary collapses in grief, but not fainting. John and Mary M hold her. Salome enters and remains just behind them, crying. Once the cross is raised and put in place, the soldiers take his garments and begin to roll dice (cast lots) for them. The speaking lines of those hanging on crosses need to be very slow with pauses and with gasping for breath)

JESUS: Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.

CROWD MEMBER: What does it say above His head?

CROWD MEMBER: King of the Jews! (Several laugh)

PHARISEE: Why did they write that? He is not the king of the Jews! He only said that He was! (To Centurion) Why did you write that? Change it! He only claimed to be the king of the Jews!

CENTURION: The governor ordered it and it remains! He wrote what he wrote!

CROWD MEMBER: (With sarcasm) Because He is the king of the Jews!

PHARISEE: I will speak to Pilate about this!

ROMAN SOLDIER: (To Jesus) If You are the king of the Jews, save Yourself!

CROWD MEMBER: Yes! Save Yourself!

(Mary gets up and starts to move closer, reaching out to Jesus. Jesus looks over at her.)

MARY: (Optional) My son!

JESUS: Woman. (She crosses closer) Behold, your son! (John comes close and puts him arm around Mary. Jesus looks at John) Behold, your mother!

(Mary drops to her knees and moans in sorrow. John comforts her and Mary M tries but is overcome in her own grief. Salome moves up to comfort Mary M. The crowd begins to close in closer and a rumble of mumbling begins among them)

CROWD MEMBER: You who are going to destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days, save Yourself!

CROWD MEMBER: If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross!

SCRIBE: He saved others; He cannot save Himself. He is the King of Israel; let Him now come down from the cross, and we shall believe in Him!

PHARISEE: He trusts in God; Let Him deliver Him now, if He takes pleasure in Him; for He said, ‘I am the Son of God!’

PHARISEE 2: Let Him save Himself if this is the Christ of God, His Chosen One!

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  1. I had been looking for a script just like Calvary and couldn’t find anything written that well or for such a good price!

    Crystal Chappell, Clearbranch United Methodist,  Argo, AL

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