I Don’t Need That Jesus Stuff!



This is a short, 5-6 minute skit about a couple of college girls who are talking about the one’s new faith is Christ. Without even realizing it, the new Christian is witnessing to the other one about her need for a Savior, but her friend rejects the offer and suggests they find new roommates.


Two actors. Probably both female, but could be changed to two males.


LORI: Where have you been? Out with Craig again?

RACHEL: We went to his church.

LORI: Oh, that’s right; he is the religious type isn’t he? What’s
he trying to do, convert you?

RACHEL: No. Well, he did ask me when we first went out if I was a

LORI: You see? He is trying to convert you. I told you. All those
Jesus freaks are alike. Once he gets you in his church, then he
drops you and goes after someone else.

RACHEL: It’s not like that. When he asked me, I told him I was one.

LORI: Oh, that’s smart. You avoid a lot of stuff that way.

RACHEL: Well, I actually thought I was a Christian.

LORI: Well, there are Christians… and there are the Jesus freaks.
I think there is a difference.

RACHEL: Well, since I told him I was a Christian, then of course I
was willing to go to church with him. But after going and listening
to the message and reading what it says in my Bible…

LORI: You actually have a Bible?

RACHEL: Lori, what I’m trying to tell you is that now I really am a
Christian. I got saved at Craig’s church. I am totally amazed at
how this is all happening to me! You can’t know what this is like
until you experience it yourself!

LORI: Oh, so he did convert you! You see?

RACHEL: Oh, Craig had nothing to do with it. He didn’t do anything.
He was just being himself. He was talking to me as if I was his
sister in the Lord. But I was beginning to realize that I didn’t
have what he had. Then Jesus just got hold of me and now He is
living inside of me!

LORI: Oh, No! Now my roommate is a Jesus freak! Don’t even start
on me, Rachel!

RACHEL: Have I said anything to you?

LORI: Ever since you walked in the door!

RACHEL: Don’t be silly. I came in and you asked me where I was.
All I have told you is what happened to me. I’m not going to try to
convert you.

LORI: You better not.

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  1. AWESOME Warren! I was just blown away at how well you “hit the nail on the head” for what I was wanting. I want them just the way they are. Thank you so much!

    Russell Noss, Dorrisville Baptist Church, Harrisburg, IL

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