Doing The Right Thing



This is a two actor children’s skit about “honesty”. A child is playing with something that belongs to her mother, and the other child is bossing them to put it back. Eventually, there is a struggle over it and it gets broken. The rest of the scene is their discussion on whether they should tell their parents what they did.


Two child actors. (written as boy and girl, but 2 boys or 2 girls could also work) Only about 6-7 minutes.


ALEX: You know that we aren’t supposed to get into the hutch. Mom
will punish you for sure! You better put it back!

LIZA: I’ll put it back when I’m ready!

ALEX: You’ll put it back now! Here! Give it to me! (He reaches
for the figurine and she turns away, but he keeps trying to get it
from her, and finally he gets it out of her hand after the next two

LIZA: Alex! Stop it!

ALEX: Give it to me!

LIZA: (She notices something and gasps) Oh!

ALEX: (Looking at her) What happened?

LIZA: You broke it!

ALEX: (Looking at the figurine in his hand) I did not!

LIZA: You broke her hand off! I’m still holding it!

ALEX: You broke it off! You should have given it to me like I said!

LIZA: That wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t grab it from me!

ALEX: You shouldn’t have been playing with it!

LIZA: I wasn’t going to play rough. You got rough and you broke it!

ALEX: Don’t try to make this my fault!

LIZA: But it wouldn’t have broke if you hadn’t grabbed it!

ALEX: Be quiet before Mom hears us. Well….I guess we’re both at

LIZA: All I did was hold it for awhile…you broke it!

ALEX: Maybe we can glue it.

LIZA: Glue it?

ALEX: Yeah… Mom has some super glue. That stuff will glue anything!

LIZA: We aren’t supposed to use her super glue. She says we will
glue our fingers together. Only Mom or Dad can use it.

ALEX: Yeah? And we aren’t supposed to get into the hutch and handle
Mom’s things and break them, either! But it’s too late now.

LIZA: What are we going to do?

ALEX: If I am real careful, I can do it. Man, that hand is really
tiny. All it needs is one little drop of glue.

LIZA: You better let Mom do it.

ALEX: But if I glue it good enough, maybe she will never know it

LIZA: And then she will never know I played with it! Can you do it,

ALEX: I don’t know. It looks awful hard! Why did you make me do
that, anyway?

LIZA: I didn’t make you do anything! You were just acting like you
were a parent! You know you’re not supposed to boss me!

ALEX: I was trying to protect you. I didn’t want you to get in
trouble. Now we’re both in trouble.

LIZA: Mom is going to be so mad that we broke it! Can you fix it?

ALEX: I don’t know.

LIZA: Do you know where she keeps the super glue?

ALEX: Yeah…but I can’t go in there and get it right now. She will
see me. We’ll have to wait.

LIZA: Now I’m scared.

ALEX: We’ll be punished for sure! I’m sure we’ll be grounded.

LIZA: Can’t you fix it? Come on, Alex! You can do it!

ALEX: What if I make it worse? That super glue can’t be unglued!
If I do a bad job… it will look really bad, and then we will get in
worse trouble!

LIZA: Or…you might glue your fingers together!

ALEX: We’re going to have to confess.

LIZA: Alex! No!

ALEX: If we mess it up, the punishment will be even worse!

LIZA: How do you know?

ALEX: Because it would show that we were trying to hide something.
We aren’t supposed to hide things from Mom and Dad. They really get
upset when we lie.

LIZA: We wouldn’t be lieing!

ALEX: Liza… that is exactly what we would be doing if we don’t

LIZA: It’s not a lie! We just won’t be telling what happened!

ALEX: Liza…not telling the truth is the same thing as telling a lie.

LIZA: It is?

ALEX: You know how Mom and Dad are always telling us to do the right


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