On The Way To The Tomb



This is a short EASTER skit that takes place on Resurrection morning as the four women are going to the tomb to anoint the body of Jesus. They discuss among themselves of the events of the past week, and the earthquake that morning, and then wonder how they will move the big stone.



They find two guards lying on the ground and meet an angel who gives them the good news. This skit is also a scene in the play, “The Sun Has Risen”.

8 actors (4 female -the main characters, and 4 male -only one has a line, other 3 are extras) all adult or older teens. About 8 minutes.


(As the sketch begins…4 women are approaching the tomb: Mary
Magdalene, Mary, the mother of James, Joanna and Salome.)

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Salome, did you bring spices?

SALOME: Yes, I purchased them as soon as Sabbath was over. I hope
I have enough.

JOANNA: I also bought some, so we should have plenty. But then, we
cannot have too much for our Lord.

SALOME: I agree. (Pause) Oh how I wish I were doing something else
this morning. This is going to be an awful reminder of the events
of the past few days.

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: I have thought of nothing else. My Alphaeus
just holds me at night as we both weep over what has happened to our
Lord. He was more than willing to allow me to come and anoint His
body this morning. I do believe this will be good to help us with
our grief.

SALOME: I suppose you are right. Your husband is a good man…and so
are your sons.

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Yes, I am proud of my James. When he first
told us that he was going to follow Jesus, Alphaeus and I were not
sure about him doing that. He was grown, and we could not stop him,
but we came and listened to Jesus teach, so we could see for
ourselves, just what James was talking about. After hearing Jesus
only once, I knew that there was something very special about Him.
We became followers as well, and his brother, Joses. Then, when
James was chosen by the Lord to be one of the twelve, we were so
thrilled and honored.

SALOME: Why is your son called James the Less?

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: He did not want to be confused with the other
disciple called James, you know, the son of Zebedee and brother of
John; so he called himself James the Less, as he felt the other James
was closer to The Master.

SALOME: Humbling himself.

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Yes, well the other James was in the inner
circle, you know, Peter, James and John.

MARY MAGDALENE: I am sure that our Lord was blessed by you as well,
Mary. I have seen you bring contributions on many occasions, and
that really helps when there are so many traveling together with

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Well, we all help when we can. Joanna, you
certainly are a blessing with all your gifts.

JOANNA: I am blessed to have the means to do it. My husband, Chuza
is paid well as Herod’s steward. He is good to allow me to help.
I have been thinking that I should bring some food today for the men
as they are remaining together. Are they still in the upper room?

MARY MAGDALENE: Yes, I believe they are staying there for awhile.

SALOME: I will come as well.

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: As will I. We should go together.

MARY MAGDALENE: Look, the sun has risen. It feels like it will be
a lovely day. I’m glad we started very early.

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Rising early was not a problem for me. I doubt
that I have slept much the last few nights. Sleep just brings back
the dreams of what happened. I suppose we will never shake His cruel
death from our memories.

SALOME: I could not have slept through that earthquake this morning.
It was so strong and just shook everything!

JOANNA: Wasn’t that terrible? I thought the walls would fall on me.

MARY MAGDALENE: It certainly got me up early this morning. I wonder
why God sent that quake today.

SALOME: Why has God allowed any of these horrible events to happen?

JOANNA: Magdalene, you were with His mother, how is she doing?

MARY MAGDALENE: She is staying with John. It was very hard for her,
as it has been for all of us. You saw how hard she was weeping as
we watched Him hanging there and suffering so on that cross. How
could any mother watch her son die in such an awful way? She seemed
to find some comfort when He spoke to her…when He told John that she
was now his mother. And it was some what of a relief that He died
as quickly as He did. We were there as Joseph and Nicodemus carried
his body to the tomb.

SALOME: You both stayed to watch, didn’t you?

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: Yes. I was there, too. Oh Salome, He was so
scarred, so changed; you would not have known Him. He was beyond
recognition. It was so awful. I feel for His dear mother.

MARY MAGDALENE: Joseph of Arimathea is certainly a good man. To
boldly ask for Christ’s body and to come take it down off the cross
and anoint Him and place Him in his own tomb!

MARY, JAMES’ MOTHER: He is so devout.

JOANNA: Isn’t Nicodemus one of the Pharisees?

MARY MAGDALENE: Yes, he is. He and Joseph have been secretly
following Jesus for some time.

JOANNA: And what of you, Magdalene? You have been following Jesus
for quite awhile now. How did you come to be in this company of His


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