I Think It’s Time To Pray



A new, low price for this short 15 minute THANKSGIVING DAY sketch about a family gathering for Thanksgiving dinner. This skit is almost exactly the same as the opening scene in the Christmas play, “Christmas at the Murphy’s”.


It may look like your typical family: the men are glued to the TV, watching the game; Grandma wants to help, but no one lets her; the aunt has an opinion on everything including how to cook the turkey; unexpected family shows up; the child brings the dog into the dining room, etc. Finally, it is time to eat, and Grandma gets to have her say which puts the focus on what this holiday is all about: What we need to be thankful for and Who we need to be thankful to. Christ is honored at the end.

11 actors (6 male – one child, one teen, 5 female – one teen) About 15 minutes.


JERRY: Well, let’s gather around the table… we should ask the
blessing. (All gather around the table… no one has their back to
the audience)

SKEETER: Can I say the prayer, Daddy?

JILLIAN: Honey, this is the Thanksgiving prayer, I think you should
let your Daddy do it.

PHIL: Oh, let Skeeter do it. I would like to hear Skeeter pray.

JERRY: Oh alright. Go ahead, Son.

SKEETER: What shall I say?

JILLIAN: You don’t know what to say?

JOANNE: Just pray what you remember your mother praying.

SKEETER: Really? Okay. Dear Lord! Help this day to go well,
without problems or fights, and help us all to get along. And
especially help me with my attitude toward Joanne, she can be so
demanding and difficult at times. And please don’t let me burn
the turkey! Amen! (Mike grabs his mouth to keep from laughing out
loud. Everyone just quietly stares and there is a very long
uncomfortable pause)

JOANNE: I am demanding aren’t I? And difficult.

JILLIAN: No… I didn’t notice anything! I am so happy you are here…
she reaches over and hugs her sister…I love you, Joanne.

JOANNE: So, I haven’t been difficult?

JILLIAN: Not at all!

MIKE: God answers prayer!

JERRY: Mike! That’s enough.

MIKE: Oh come on, you have to admit it was funny.

BOB: I don’t know. I liked Skeeter’s prayer. It was honest and
from the heart. None of us want Mother to be demanding and difficult.

PHIL: I pray that same prayer every day. Except for the turkey part.

JOANNE: Oh stop it!

JILLIAN: We all love you, Joanne. Don’t take anything else to heart
but that.

GRANDMA: Can an old lady have her say?

JERRY: Go ahead, Grandma. We’ll listen.

GRANDMA: (she speaks loudly, clearly, slowly and distinctly) It’s
Thanksgiving Day. Let’s not take that lightly. We don’t need to be
concerned with pettiness and bickering and how the food turns out,
but we need to be thankful. Thanksgiving is not the turkey or the
football game, or even the family gathering. It was about 400 years
ago when they had the first Thanksgiving. They celebrated and
thanked God for bringing them to this new land, and for getting them
through difficult winters and many deaths. The crops were good that
year, and there was plenty to eat. The Indians had taught them many
things. They were thankful. Many years later, President Lincoln
proclaimed that this day would be set aside each year for all
Americans to stop and Thank God for his provisions and for His
blessings and His bounty. The most important thing today is that
we offer our praise and thanksgiving to the One who is worthy of all
praise and honor. It is not just the food we are thankful for.. but
for each other, for our children and grandchildren (looks at Bob who
is next to her and smiles) and our great grandchildren. We are
thankful that we live in a free country, and that we have safety and
protection by our Father in Heaven. We are thankful for the freedom
to worship God the way we choose to and in the church of our choice.
We are thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ, who came and died on the
cross for our sins so that we might have life in His name.. our
salvation. Thank Him every day for that! Without that, we would
have nothing to be thankful for. Let’s keep Him in our hearts and
remember what this day represents. Thank you for letting me have my
say; Jerry, I think its time to pray.

JERRY: Everyone join hands and let’s pray: (They all bow their
heads and the lights go out.)

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  1. Hi Warren. Just wanted to let you know – we had our first practice tonight for the Thanksgiving drama & it was an amazing hit. Everyone was laughing & just loved it. It was great to see it come to life. I love the grandpa part & the guy doing it was so funny. I can’t wait to actually do it in church & I’ll be sure & keep you updated. You had said you don’t write humor – well I’m here to tell you -yes you do – we were all rolling – especially at Chris’ lines. Thanks again & God bless you & your gift of writing. 
Later – Well we did the play this morning & it was a hit. Everybody really liked it & had such great comments – everybody was saying that it was so realistic & that this is how their dinners go. – thanks so much again for all your hard work & how you captured exactly how I wanted it to be. Good luck in all your writing – you are very talented. Happy holidays to you & your family.

    Karen Rodden, Eastside Community Church, Muskogee, OK

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