Girl, Possessed



This is a short monologue of the young woman possessed by demons and her mother begs Jesus to heal her.


I actress. About 3-4 mins.


Syrophoenician daughter:

My life was changed when I was young. I have memories of a former life that was all taken away in an instant. I was demon possessed. I remember having the feeling of being lost and being trapped and unable to help myself. My mother was also unable to help me. Seems like most of the time, I didn’t even know who I was or who she was. I could not remember things that she would tell me. I would say and do crazy things that she would tell me about later, but I had no memory of it. I was wandering in a very dark place. I felt that there was light out there, but I could not reach it. Voices in my head would tell me to do and say horrible things. I needed help. I needed to be set free from the years of bondage in chains… that weighed me down and controlled my life.

My mother heard about the teacher. A man of God who traveled the countryside and taught about the kingdom of heaven, and also performed miracles of healing for the sick. …